Andrew Skurka: "The Highest Hiking Supplies and Skills Clinic" Chat on Google

"" Highest Hiking Supplies and Skills Clinic ""

A backpacking trip consists of two different activities: hiking and camping. At this informative clinic, Andrew Skurka, a renowned long-distance lover, will discuss the tools, supplies, and skills needed to make hiking fun, not hard work. Outside, Skurk was described as "Adventurer of the Year" and described by National Geographic as "a superman among trekkers." he is the author of The Ultimate Hiker's Gear Guide.

You will learn: (1) Predicting the environmental and route conditions you will encounter on your journey; (2) best practices and limitations for light equipment; (3) skills to help you stay safe and comfortable with at least as much wealth as you can; and (4) why Skurka goes on summer backpacking trips in Sierra Nevada and why. "