"Hello doctor!" Clandestine advertising is the best medicine

More than ten years ago, when the radio media group still called WAZ Media Group, their magazine "Gong" was publicly reprimanded by the German Press Council. The reason: clandestine advertising.

She had discussed various medical topics in eight articles, each referring to a specific drug. The Appeals Committee considered these product names to be clandestine advertising because the preparations had no single selling point that would justify their insistence.

A little over a decade later, "Gong" was reprimanded by the public last year. The reason: surreptitious,

GONG had a message under the title "Hello Doctor! Are there cures for colds?" Posted. In the article, a naturopath answered the question of a reader about whether homeopathic medicines can help treat colds. He responded in the affirmative by highlighting the effectiveness of natural medicines. The text mentions only one preparation and uses several times a marketing term that can only be attributed to this preparation. According to the Press Council, this exceeds the limit for illegal advertising.

A few months ago, the same column was reprimanded in another magazine of the publishing house. The reason: you guessed it. This time, there were three medical contributions in the "Hörzu".

And as it no longer looks like unfortunate individual cases, but rather a system, we have looked more closely.

"Hello, Doctor!", Is the title of the frequently criticized column. He appears regularly in the TV news "Gong" and in the "Hörzu" (which, as the publisher proudly says, has nearly four million readers "the largest weekly program guide of Europe" ). In this document, evolving specialists advise readers on "Frequent Complaints and Urgent Issues":

"What helps with a cold summer?" For example. Peter W. Gündling, general practitioner, answers:

"Inhibits successfully the proliferation of cold viruses by using an active ingredient of plant origin Pelargonium cape," says the doctor. Studies confirm the effectiveness of the anti-infectious (eg, "Umckaloabo", free sale, pharmacy), which also stimulates the immune system and has an expectorant effect.

For example "Umckaloabo", C is the only medicine mentioned in the text.

An analysis of all the "audible" problems of the past two years shows that this section works every week: a question is asked, a doctor gives an answer and almost always leads to a given drug to the pharmacist. which is mentioned as "example".

"What helps with severe diarrhea?"

From the first signs, start by using a special medicine (for example, "Perenterol forte", over-the-counter, pharmacy).

"What helps with osteoarthritis?"

Specialty vials contain a special combination of bioactive collagen peptides, vitamin C and natural rose hip extract (eg, "CH-Alpha Plus", over-the-counter, pharmacy).

"What helps with sunburn?"

Cream gel preparations specially developed with hydrocortisone, endogenous anti-inflammatory active ingredient, are particularly effective for the treatment of painful sunburn (eg, "Soventol Hydrocortisone Acetate 0.5%", on sale, in pharmacy).

There are often tricks like this:

This plant extract, "for example" in Umckaloabo, is only in Umckaloabo. Because "EPs 7630" is a <a target = "_ blank" href = "https: //trademarks.justia.com …