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In terms of health promotion, the needs of EN-Kreis cities are different. A project aims to strengthen local prevention.

Pioneering project "Healthy" for the nine cities of the district

Diversity is a strength but also a challenge. This is also true for the promotion of health in the Ennepe-Ruhr district. The nine cities in the district have very different needs, urban-industrial structures in Witten as well as rural-rural areas in Breckerfeld or Sprockhövel districts. For the first time in the "Health" project, a circle, with its cities, aims to preserve this diversity while giving more power and impact to the many individual activities through a coherent overall framework.

The Landeszentrum Gesundheit NRW (LZG.NRW) is supporting the project for three years to the tune of 220,000 euros. "A good health promotion should be close to people and not get lost between young and old.In the Ennepe-Ruhr district, we found players who accept this challenge and try new methods," he said. said Arndt Winterer, director of LZG.NRW. Above all, it is intended to benefit the 325,000 inhabitants of the locality. In circles with their cities and independent communities, this coherent action is more difficult than in independent cities. For the "Healthy" project, it is therefore crucial that the project has the support of the nine mayors in a circle.

"Inter-municipal cooperation is a practice practiced in the district of Ennepe-Ruhr and the" GesundEN "shows that everyone is mobilized for the well-being of the citizens," said Landrat Olaf Schade, delighted with the launch of the project pioneer. From the money is ua funded a position in the club Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreis, which was awarded: Franziska Wellmann-Peters is now active as project coordinator "GesundEN", in connection with the conference on the local health of the district. The 24-year-old will hold round tables for health promotion and prevention in all cities in the EN district. At these round tables, on the one hand, local actors need to develop tailored health promotion measures for neighborhoods. At the same time, the round tables will contribute to the elaboration of a concept of circular prevention, on the basis of which tailor-made, locally adapted and coherent funding requests will be formulated for the purposes of the law on prevention. Aged 24, he is eager to work with players from different cities.

Prevention Act 2105

The Preventive Law adopted in 2015 reinforces the importance of prevention and in particular supports the design of health-promoting community living environments, such as nurseries and schools. The NRW Land Framework Agreements have adopted this priority. It places particular emphasis on prevention for municipalities and disadvantaged groups.