Ping An Good Doctor officially launches Private Doctor "and concludes global cooperation agreements with 29 major global companies |

The contracts signed on the first day bring together more than 300 million yuan for Private Doctor

SHANGHAI, 14. August 2019 / PRNewswire / – First Global Platform for a Health Care Ecosystem Ping An Healthcare and Technology Company Limited (listed on the stock market under the symbol "Ping An Good Doctor", ticker symbol: 01833.HK) has officially launched its strategic product "Ping An Good Doctor – Private Doctor". From the first day, Ping An Good Doctor is associated with 29 of the world's biggest names in the sector, including China Mobile, BAIC Group, China CITIC Bank, Wyeth Nutrition, China Everbright Bank, The life of MinshengPearl River Life, the founder of the PKU and others, have agreed, with funds committed contractually to more than 300 million yuan. By working closely with these partners, especially for the middle class, and by creating a broader health ecosystem, a new era for health care will be inaugurated with "new experiences, new concepts, new technologies, and new ecology".

The start of "Private Doctor" creates from the first day on a new era of medicine

With the official start of Ping A Good Doctor – Private Doctor aims to significantly improve the industry standard for service and usability. In addition, it is expected that the current state of health services can be completely renewed, that "quality medicine means oriented towards the user" can be actually used and that a system of Internet-based health can be put in place. The beginning also shows that Ping A Good Doctor is now at the forefront of the transformation of global Internet-based health services, from free online services to paid services for members.

Due to an imbalance between supply and demand, medical and health services are China At the present time, in a problematic situation and with a reform of medical care, special attention should be given to the supply. So China Since 2016, several policy initiatives have been launched to provide more medical and "Internet +" healthcare applications, on the basis of which the country's efforts towards "healthy" and "healthy" health care China"promoted the development of an internet-based health system and promoted the innovative approach of a family-oriented family physician model" Ping A Good Doctor, also in response to national policies, has launched "Private Doctor", which provides the middle class with innovative Internet-based health solutions.

Wang Tao, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Executive Officer from Ping An Good Doctor, said: "Ping An Good Doctor hopes that we will be able to provide users with comprehensive and high quality medical services with excellent, professional, effective, well-managed and protected family medicine care," to hundreds of thousands of families and usher in a new era for a doctor "Internet + health care."

The family doctor service of Ping A Good Doctor was able to obtain the support of doctors in 100 renowned clinics across the country. In addition, Ping A Good Doctor We have worked closely with 800 national Grade III A clinics, 1,000 recognized foreign doctors and 10 of the world's best hospitals to work closely together to ensure convenient and well-coordinated medical services to users around the world. ,

Ping A Good Doctor has accumulated large reserves of medical resources in the past and has created the necessary conditions for private physicians to provide users with basic services such as online medical consultation, day-to-day health management or reservation of medical services. clinics, but also complete sets of high quality medical devices. This includes, for example, 24-hour nursing, obtaining a second medical opinion, delivering medications to your home within the next hour, or staying in your home for the next 24 hours. accompaniment in grade III A clinics

In detail a Ping A Good Doctor We already work with nearly 2,000 labs and test centers to give each user their own electronic patient record and year-round access to tailored health management services. This should allow more services from a single source. Ping A Good Doctor – Private Doctor also works with third-party insurance companies to provide financial support to people suffering from diseases with high insurance costs.

Using the innovative service model of "Private Doctor" can Ping A Good Doctor Strengthen the interaction between doctors and users in all areas. This allows doctors to track the health of a user for longer periods. Doctors and users are getting to know each other better, making them more connected and more reliable. With this new type of trust, users will also be more likely to receive accurate, ongoing and personalized medical and healthcare services, as the "impersonal" relationship between physicians and patients, as it exists in the traditional medical context will be replaced.

Signature of contract with 29 leading companies as a suggestion for business partners

In recent years, health awareness and the demand for high quality, personalized medical and health services have steadily increased. Ping A Good Doctor has now entered into partnerships with 29 major players in the launch of Private Doctor, including China Mobile, the BAIC Group, China CITIC Bank, Wyeth Nutrition, China Everbright Bank, The life of Minsheng, Pearl River Life, founder life of the PCU and more. These 29 companies operate in sectors such as banking and insurance, automotive, communications, parenting and others. In the future, this partner's customers should be able to take advantage of the complete packages offered by Ping A Good Doctor – Private doctors come with quality medical and health services.

Working with trusted family doctors and renowned doctors from the top 100 national hospitals Ping A Good Doctor – Private Doctor can offer users complete medical and health packages, including 24-hour online counseling, first aid screening by recognized physicians, hospital readiness, health management, management chronic diseases and other benefits. At the same time Ping a Good Doctor From Take advantage of this vast and deep cooperation beyond cooperation with third-party insurance companies and financial institutions and develop "Private Doctor" as a new strategic product across multiple channels.

Wang Tao, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Executive Officer from Ping An Good Doctor"We hope that the" private doctor "will live up to our expectations, that each family will have their own family doctor, an electronic patient record and a plan for their own health management." Ping A Good Doctor – Private Doctor, as an innovative approach to the Chinese family doctor model, is already leading to a doctor-patient relationship, fueled by trust, knowledge and long-term relationships, leading the industry to an age marked by primary care physicians. And that is what creates a Chinese version of medical progress.