"Sun Creamie": True Fruits promotes Smoothie with a sexist campaign

Targeted provocation: True Fruits announces sexist scribbles against the penis

They did it again. Smoothies maker True Fruits is currently promoting a provocative social media campaign for one of its drinks. This time under the spotlight of the teenager "Hihi, they said penis" The humans of the Bonn company: a passion-peach fruit juice called "Sun Creamie", which looks a lot like a sunscreen relatively well known in Germany .

The bottle of smoothie is mounted in the image of a woman who apparently laughs on the beach. On her back, someone with sunscreen painted an ejaculating penis.

Looking back over her shoulder, the woman is a bit wanting to laugh at the pen that True Fruits painted on her back.

To be really sure that even the last check, that again with personalities should be provoked, commented the manufacturer to: "In the summer, when will you finally celebrate your cumback?" (A little tutoring in English: "cum" is the English word for sperm, "back" for return.)

And True Fruits would not be True Fruits, even if the warning "Warning: this advertisement could be misunderstood by stupid people" might not be present under the photo.

Naturally, this type of advertising has a method for the Rhenish pissed off as it works according to the motto: There is no bad PR. The enthusiasm generated at best by a rather moderate humor, but especially by women perceived as a sexist promotion, is calculated – and the network also keeps its promises.

The reactions to provocation "True Fruits":

Under the manufacturer's post Instagram, dozens of users complain about the supposedly funny penis jokecall it all "sexist" or "shit unequivocally". Some also blame True Fruits for treating them as "stupid people" who simply would not understand the brand's highly intelligent brand advertising.

And we, Watson, jump over the sexism stickTrue Fruit holds us provocatively and, so to speak, we promote a peach and passion fruit smoothie, which at least tastes like a tan. We are one of those "stupid people" who misunderstand True Fruits because we have no sense of humor.

Only: What is not there to understand?

That it is deliberately provoked, at least bad To have the press? That the manufacturer wants to maintain his bad boy image? That the similarity of the design of the bottle is also calculated with that of another brand product, in the hope of creating even more excitement? That in Bonn they still did not understand that their campaigns "bizarre black" and "even more bottles from abroad" were perceived as racist? The answer probably only knows True Fruits.

But what we understand is that they obviously do not know the meaning of the word "Cumback" in True Fruits. According to the "Urban Dictionary" since 2011, it is a sexual practice in which the ejaculate is spat out after oral sex in the mouth of the "unsuspecting partner". "Appetizing" is somehow different …


Also embarrassing: these layout failures!

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