Obituary – Dead Brown Scorer – Sport

The Argentine has scored only one goal on 36 internationals – but one advantage: the 1: 0 in the final victory of the World Cup 3: 2 in 1986 against Germany . He died Monday at the age of 62.

A few years ago, while Argentina was unaware of his illness, José Luis Brown said that he wished to be buried in the training grounds of the country. Estudiantes de La Plata: "Estudiantes, it's my life". As a teenager, he often got up at five in the morning to train. Later, he became an Argentine and national professional champion. He even met his wife in Estudiantes; and she must not only love the club. But also his life.

In 2011, two men armed with knives invaded their homes. "In this country, you have money for thieves in the house, they gave them to them," Brown said later at the magazine El Gráfico: "Ah, son of a bitch hidden from the money, go get him!", Say thieves. When they left, one of them shouted, "We do not kill you just because we are claws." The Estudiantes fans were so thieves. And probably also fans of "Tata" Brown, as the defender called him.

Brown made 36 international appearances, scoring a single goal, a very special one: in the 1986 World Cup final against Germany in Mexico, in the 3-2 win of the World Cup. Argentina. Jorge Burruchaga sent a free kick in the left wide area; DFB goalkeeper Toni Schumacher crushed the ball, Brown beat Diego Maradona, the legendary captain of Argentina, and brought the ball home with a goal of 1-0. "I made you famous," Schumacher told him later, Brown said.

He was revered not only because of the door, but also because he finished the last injury: Brown gave his defensive leader the signal when an offside was to be played. A German player was ordered to hit Brown when he went out; He destroyed his shoulder. The Argentinian team doctor told his coach Carlos Bilardo that Brown needed to be in post. But Brown returned to the field, bit his teeth in the shirt and put his thumb to play until the end. "It's like that they've been brought up .If nothing is broken, they keep playing," said Bilardo, a doctor without much love for the oath commandments. # 39; Hippocrates. "I had overcome a million problems and had to give up in the World Cup finals because of shoulder pains – never!" Brown said later.

Three months before the start of the 1986 World Cup, he had not been allowed to play because of a cruciate ligament tear in 1984. His knee was filled with water and blood . Bilardo took it and put it in the starting training for Daniel Passarella; the captain of the world champions of 1978 had failed in the face of mysterious gastric problems; Rumor has it that they were provoked by Bilardo. Whatever the case may be, Brown has become that gladiator to which Argentina has been barking since he died of Alzheimer's disease on Monday. He was 62 years old.