Avoid dangerous skin damage: this has happened to us all: most common mistakes when applying sunscreen.

People who protect themselves from sunscreen in the sun are harmful to their skin and increase the risk of skin cancer. But incorrect application can also have a negative effect, for example if the sun protection factor does not match the skin type.

Protecting our skin from UV rays is a matter of beauty, but so much more. Skin cancer is today one of the most prevalent cancers in Germany and the rates of increase are alarming. For example, the commercial health insurance company recorded a 145% increase in "white skin cancer" between 2007 and 2017. Black skin cancer, much more dangerous, accounts for 87% – the main cause being the too long stay in the sun without adequate protection. In many cases, that ends fatally.

If you are spared from skin cancer, you can still see the sins of the sun on our skin: it ages faster, loses its elasticity, has wrinkles and cracks.

Why many people put themselves in danger and give up sunscreen:

Early planning a beach vacation saves money

The investment in an appropriate sunscreen is worth it. And those who do not think about it on the beach can save a lot of euros. In any case, the protection should not be a question of money, but the fantastic prices in the beach shop can easily escape with a little planning.

Light types need the strongest protection

The most important thing when buying sunscreen is the good sun protection factor. It depends on your skin type and the time spent in the sun. The rule is that fair skin should not stay more than ten minutes in the sun. This duration then increases the light protection factor, for example with the sun protection factor 30 over 300 minutes.

People with light, light-sensitive skin should therefore use the same sun protection factor of 50, while darker people with a sun protection factor of 10 should do so.

Generously creamy, so that there is no vulnerable area left

In addition to choosing the sun protection factor, the following points are important for the application:

  • Do not save in the wrong place: it is recommended to use a generous cream directly on the nose, ears and décolleté.

  • After bathing or heavy perspiration, the protection must be renewed

  • Parasol and sunhat can also reduce the intensity of UV rays, which always makes it an advantage

Cheap but effective: sunscreen discounter

Dear help the best? Generally not true!

The sunscreen should not be too old, because as with all cosmetics, its effect diminishes over time. The tube of the previous year is not a good choice. When choosing a specific brand, it is often useful to consult the latest recommendations of Stiftung Warentest. Here is confirmed again and again: the most expensive, the better is not good for sunscreen. For example, during a test conducted from the summer of 2018, the classic "Lidl Sun Cien Sun Milk Classic""In the ranking, followed by more sun creams from the discounter.

It is also interesting to note that the sun protection factor is not the only criterion to be taken into account when making a purchase decision. It should also consider, for example, how much cream can be applied, how much moisture it provides and whether critical substances are included, for example to influence the fragrance.


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