Aichacher newspaper | 8000 candidates, 84 places

Augsburg – As of autumn, 42,000 young people want to study medicine somewhere in Germany. Although the studies at the University of Augsburg are offered for the first time this year and there is no positive evidence, more than 900 future students have given priority to Augsburg when it comes to choose a location. In total, more than 8,000 candidates applied in Augsburg. The university is proud of that.

Anyone wishing to study medicine in Germany must submit to the central procurement procedure. This has now expired, the numbers are currently available. Thus, exactly 8199 prospective students out of 41,791 can imagine acquiring the skills necessary for the practice of the medical profession in the Fuggerstadt. However, there is only room for 84 of them. In October, they will begin their studies in the first human medical model course in Bavaria. During the final extension of the faculty, 1500 young doctors will study at the University of Augsburg.
"The University of Augsburg has placed 935 future students in human medicine to the top of the list, which makes us just as attractive as traditional medicine institutions," says Sabine Doering-Manteuffel, professor at the University of Applied Sciences. 39, University of Augsburg. This success is due to the innovative concept that underlies the model course of study, with very good starting conditions and interesting research priorities. All this had apparently been very appealing to the applicants. "We want to optimally prepare students for their future role as physicians while providing them with interesting information about research," says the president.
The first students to participate in the development of the curriculum would like to thank Professor Martina Kadmon, founding Dean of the Faculty of Medicine: "We are very keen to animate and develop our concept with our students." As a peculiarity of Augsburger, she mentions the first information on medical practice as well as the combination of basic disciplines and classical clinical disciplines. Particular emphasis is placed on the scientific training of future doctors. They should be able to do their own research.

By Monika Grunert Glass

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