"Bachelorette" -Andreas: his big secret | InTouch

Eye-catching outfits, a toned body and persistent smiles – that's how the public knows the candidate Andreas, who is fighting for the last rose at the "Bachelorette". But that was not always the case …

Photo: TVNOW

Just a few months ago, the 27-year-old "Bachelorette" participant weighed about 130 kilograms. In two years, he cooked 45 kilos in full. At school, Andreas was often teased for his appearance.

"Bachelorette" -Andreas: Who's looking for a 130-kilo guy?

"I would say that my life has changed fundamentally, only because now I can wear whatever I want, I feel better, socially accepted, […]"I'm not yet at the end of my trip, but I feel much more comfortable then," reveals Andreas in an interview with "Bild".

"At that time, I had to mark especially with my character, thank God, it has not changed over time, but the look of course and I also notice in women. […]But getting to know a woman has definitely become easier, "explains Andreas, the" Bachelorette ", his motivation to lose weight.

The participation in this year's "Bachelorette" course marks an important milestone for the Wermelskirchener: "For me, participation in the Bachelorette is something very special – you get out from a multitude of different levels. Men who ask to be one of the 20 who seem to bring something special to compete in this exciting journey.It was a kind of life goal, to say: you did it. "

Until now, Andreas seems to be doing well with his body trained at the "Bachelorette" Gerda Lewis. Is it enough for the last rose?