Earlier today, today: "The house was invented in a negative sense, the suburb of Wilhelmsdorfer" | Brandenburg meeting point

Earlier today, today: "The house was invented in a negative sense, the suburb of Wilhelmsdorfer"

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For their student residence in Wilhelmsdorfer Straße 75, the Wobra received the "well-known" award from BBU Verband Berlin-Brandenburgischer Wohnungsunternehmen. Minister of Infrastructure Kathrin Schneider today presented the certificate and plaque to Wobra Chief Stephan Falk. The urban housing company had completely renovated the previously vacant four-storey building, giving rise to six apartments …

… three rooms and three apartments of 2 rooms for single people. "The house has shaped the suburbs of Wilhelmsdorfer negatively, and there has been a maintenance congestion for decades, both inside and out," reports Falk. Nevertheless, the situation was ideal for the project. Previously, they had actually listened to Neuruppin's medical students, conditions they expect from the show. The rule of three which makes the happiness of the students: maximum 300 euros hot, close to the center and close to the station. Add to that the proximity of the campus.

According to Stephan Falk, 1.8 million euros were invested in the building and the amount of 1,375 euros per square meter previously planned could be maintained. Falk also points out a peculiarity that should have been known to some Brandenburgers: "The object had no entrance door overlooking the street". Those who wanted to enter could only do so by the court.

After a year of testing, the municipal hospital took over the property as a general tenant. It can therefore be concluded with medical students who rent leases very short term (because they do not need rooms, for example during the period without conference). In this case, the capabilities are then, for example, Other staff available, who have just started a job at the hospital and must first look for an apartment.

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  • Stephan Falk receives the award certificate from Minister Kathrin Schneider.

  • Photo: Wobra