With these tips, you save calories at dinner – without realizing it

Losing weight while savoring a sumptuous dinner is impossible? Not quite! We have developed tips that will save you calories easily at each dinner, without realizing it …

What's more enjoyable to sit at the table with your family, your partner or your best friends at night and treat yourself to a delicious dinner with a relaxed conversation? Almost nothing! But often, hearty meals are not associated with weight loss and, by the time you're still working on your bikini silhouette, a meal containing calories in the evening is anything but convenient … This now has an end because there is Some tips that will help you save calories at each dinner, whether it 's a small salad or a fat burger with fries on the table, or d? a meal with or without a company. Best of all, you do not even notice it and can enjoy your dinner to the fullest!

1. Drink a glass of plain water before eating

How to eat less without realizing it? Just drink a glass of water before the meal, so that the liquid already fills part of the stomach, which was actually intended for food. A study conducted at Virginia Tech University also showed that drinking water before a meal reduced calorie intake and helped you lose weight. While half of the 48 subjects did not drink any fluids before eating, the other half should drink two glasses of still water before each meal. After twelve weeks, participants who drank water lost about two kilos more on average.

2. eat in a small plate

The best weight loss thing, to which all French women swear, is not limited to the choice of the meal, but to the dishes. By simply grabbing a smaller plate that can accommodate even smaller portions, you will take smaller quantities. Small amounts mean fewer calories. It's as simple as that!

3. Chew each bite carefully

Especially if a dish tastes particularly good, you tend to have the right to access it and slide it down and forget to bite things properly. A mistake because it makes you eat a lot more calories. If you like food and chew each bite slowly and abundantly (32 times are ideal), you will take much less until satiety begins. In addition, the process of digestion can begin already in the mouth, so that the gastrointestinal tract has less to fight with the meal and an uncomfortable swollen abdomen can be avoided. At the same time, the blood sugar level rises after the slow enjoyment of a slower dinner in the air, which is why you will no longer be attacked by the cravings of potato chips, chocolate and sausage during of the evening, nor yet by a saving of calories.

4. Always eat the vegetables first

Most dishes are composed of a portion of meat, fish or meat substitutes such as tofu, a portion of carbohydrates, in the form of potatoes, pasta or rice, and from a vegetable garnish. Instead of first reaching carbohydrates and meat, you should first focus on pepper, cucumber, etc. This portion contains a lot less calories, and if you can not do something with your meal, it's a bit of the caloric portion of the dish.

5. Ban the smartphone from the table

Just enjoy the food? If the smartphone is right next to the plate or if the TV is on, this is difficult. When distracting a WhatsApp, Instagram and Co., you do not realize how much you really eat. Finally, this has been proven in a study of the Federal University of Lavras. The researchers found that eating in the presence of the smartphone accounted for about 15% more. Conversely, it means that you save about 15% of calories next to the plate without the smartphone – without even realizing it. In addition, a small break in social media can not hurt, especially if more people sit at the table

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