These 8 "healthy" foods make you fat!

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Healthy eating requires healthy eating. The problem is, often, food masquerades as healthy when there is nothing. In this video, I will show you how to spot the 8 biggest healthy foods that make you fat. We call these trap foods because they bother you when you least expect it.

I don't care how much exercise or training you have, if you give up your diet, you'll never look as skinny as you should or could. Proper irritation and proper food choices are essential for irritation. However, I hate when you make the mistake of thinking that certain foods should be in your diet because they are "healthy." You blindly trust the guidelines and then get frustrated when you don't see the results of your efforts. To do this once and for all, you just have to educate yourself about these pitfalls so you can avoid them by making better choices.

First off is guacamole. Recently, I made a video about how healthy avocado fat is great for your body. The problem is that people confuse healthy food with lean food. With a large calorie cover packed with each tablespoon, we tend to overlook the impact this food can have on our waistline, eating on average about 10-12 tablespoons per serving. Sure, healthy fats are healthy, but like everything else … if you overeat, you will be dealing with them quickly.

Low fat or non-acid foods are often much worse than regular fatty foods. Aside from the fact that they usually only make sugar for fat exchange, you will also get a bunch of chemicals thrown into these highly processed foods that you probably want to avoid all together.

Now I know that most people like the morning cup of OJ or other fruit juice, but if you want to brag, you better choose water and get the fruit solid. The amount of sugar added to these "healthy" drinks is staggering. In fact, you will probably find that comparing them to a glass of soda yields almost the same amount. Add to that the liquid calories are too easy to consume (and do not offer the benefits of solid-form fiber), and you have another reason to avoid them.

Sushi is believed to be a healthy food choice that packs protein throughout the process. Not so fast. In fact, just cutting the fish in each slice will only get you 15% protein, and you will have enough sticky rice in the starchy carbs to keep the little fort together! Pour into a drop of sodium IV, which you get from a low-sodium soy sauce, and you just made another great food that comes with the trap. Instead, choose shashi and get what you think you got when you initially decided to have sushi.

There is something about the word granola that just sounds so healthy. Maybe it sounds like the word grain? Be that as it may, you can't overlook the fact that these are high-calorie ingredients that simply won't work well when trying to lose fat. If you do not produce it yourself, you will also guarantee a ton of sugar and syrup, as both need to hold together all this "goodness".

There are more trap foods that are not listed here, but you will find it in this video. You want to be sure that you are not avoiding them all together, that you are at least educated on their pitfalls so that you can limit them in your diet, trying to distance yourself and remain lean. If you are looking for a comprehensive meal plan to help you relax and remain enthralled step by step, be sure to go and buy the ATHLEAN-X Training System.

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