DJK Ammerthal: "We naively defended something"

A very dramatic and dramatic game until the last second delivered the big favorite TSV Großbardorf and DJK Ammerthal. 3: 3 drew after exactly 94 minutes – a fair result. At the same time, however, bitter for the DJK, who did not bring a two-goal lead with two goals over time and in overtime still netted.

In the end, certainly, a gain of lucky points for the Gauls, but it should not be prevented, because the coach André Betz has never held despite the backlog. No luck for the team of coach Dominik Haußner, who had to arrive once again with a decimated team after Florian Fruth (knee injury at the final training) and the regular goalkeeper , Sommerer (flu), had to unsubscribe from the six failures already in place, For him, Josef Bäuml is held between posts ablierte a brilliant feast.

Surprisingly, the fast initial phase of the Oberpfälzer was clearly triggered and Christoph Bellmann (4th) also got a wide pass after a superb pass from Captain Bernhard Neumayer and Postenknaller player Christian Schrödl (9). Daniel Gömmel was rewarded with a superb attack on the left side (43.). "We had a good start, which I did not expect," said DJK coach Dominik Haußner. The compensation prevented DJK goalkeeper Josef Bäuml from retaliating against Dominik Toe shortly after the restart. In the 64th minute, followed the appearance of Christian Bellmann, who imkkurved his opponent Zarko Poznic, then plunged the ball flat in the opposite corner to 0: 2. By a dubious kick – Gömmel should have made a mistake on Rieß – Piecha pitchers arrived a little later at goal. The 1: 3 provides Bernhard Neumayer (76.), whose deflected shot landed after the Karzmarczyk corner at the door of the TSV.

Postwendend took over from the seizure areas by a preventable goal from Snaschel: the new connection was affected. Bäuml prevented by a brilliant gesture after Snaschel's head the eventual equalizer (81). Once again, a controversial rule interpretation caused the DJK to lose some points, after Bernhard Neumayer was in the 83rd minute with the traffic lights map of the square and the TSV started to offer an unconditional offensive. With success, because in the 92nd minute, Valentin Reitstetter was able to equalize after a corner. "We defended it a little bit naively and in the end, everything was a little out of order, so we think the draw is a bit awkward," said Haußner after the restless game that caused a draw before the match. because of the many wounded. but had cried the loss of points after the match.

"I have to pay tribute to my team after the gap, they deserved the point somewhere," said TSV coach Andre Betz.

TSV Großbardorf – DJK Ammerthal 3: 3 (0: 1):

TSV Großbardorf: Schneider – Müller, Reitstetter, Swiss chard, Poznic (78th butcher) – Dinkel (58th Reith), Rützel (65th Kirchner), Piecha, toe – Snaschel

DJK Ammerthal: Bäuml – Kohl, Buchner, Schulze, Gommel – Zitzmann, Neumayer, Karzmaczyk (76th Mazanec) – Bellmann, Schrödl, Kiebler (61st Hausner)

Goals: 0: 1 (43.) Daniel Gömmel, 0: 2 (64.) Christoph Bellmann, 1: 2 (69., penalty) Stefan Piecha, 1: 3 (76.) Bernhard Neumayer, 2: 3 (78. ) Simon Snaschel, 3: 3 (90. + 2) Valentin Reitstetter – SR: Steffen Ehwald (Schweinfurt) – Yellow-Red: (83.) Bernhard Neumayer (DJK), faulty and non-sporting behavior) – Visitors: 300