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Many people want nothing more than to abolish death. But there is no anti-aging product – or is it? This company claims to be an additional decisive step.

Nobody really wants to grow old. We are already fighting with many weapons, at least optically, for example with hyaluron. But we still can not stop what our body claims to be biologically. It's clear that researchers around the world are looking for a prescription for Anti-aging are. A Silicon Valley company even claims that it has already successfully rejuvenated people. How can this be?

News from the anti-aging world: have people already been rejuvenated?

And if, in the end, no life after death is necessary because there would be no more death? Questions like these are not just asked of philosophers. We have always dreamed of being immortal or at least not aging too fast. The research has been done for a long time. "Life Extension" is the name of the biotechnology industry research group, which includes a Silicon Valley company that now wants to take a decisive step in the fight against aging – by rejuvenating people.

Intervene Immune is the name of the company based near Los Angeles. His message: "Invert human aging now!" In English: Reverse Human Aging, Immediately! That's what his medical director Gregory Fahdy announced at an anti-aging conference in July. If the results of the recent Intervene Immune study prove that it would be a revolution, as reported Zeit Online.

Accidental rejuvenation

In any case, the researchers have a fascinating story to tell in collaboration with the University of California at Los Angeles and Stanford University. Their TRIIM study is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Originally, the treatment was supposed to improve the health of older people, resulting in the rejuvenation of nine subjects.

Scientists have turned to the thymus, an extremely light organ located between the heart and the leg, which is practically the training camp for immune cells in adolescence, but which then becomes a fatty tissue. At the age of 60, reserves are sufficient, but then decline considerably. One reason to be more susceptible to illness with age. It is precisely this thymus that the researchers wanted to regenerate.

The subjects aged 51 to 65 years were treated for twelve months with hormones and other drugs known and used for a long time elsewhere. The result: according to the authors of the study, a new thymus actually pushed under the sternum of the participant. The proportion of monocytes and leucocytes was similar to that of much younger people. In addition, inflammatory levels in the blood would have decreased.

Two and a half years of life earned

"We suspect," says Fahy Zeit Online, "to reactivate a biological program that allows the thymus to develop early in life." The blood samples were finally checked by Steve Horvath, a Frankfurt rock star in the anti-aging scene. He also confirmed the result: the subjects had gained two and a half years of life thanks to the treatment.

In addition, the rejuvenation effect increased steadily more rapidly during the year of treatment. If we count the effect up to one year in the last three months of the experiment, it would result in a 7.5 year biological rejuvenation. One of the test subjects reportedly confirmed online that his graying hair had pushed back into the dark.

Anti-aging polarized

If confirmed, Intervene Immune reversed the biological clock for the first time in the history of humanity – and rewound the subject's biological age of two-and-a-half years. A joy for anti-aging disciples, an excitement for opponents.

The result was, but would the researchers publish it? After several tests on the blood samples, which have always given the same and many discussions, they decided.

Almost everyone wants a rejuvenation

In any case, be careful with these incredible scientific breakthroughs, even when it comes to popular science like rejuvenation. Colleagues will now need to review the message with the details of the study before it can be published. This should happen later this year. Even in this case, additional studies should confirm the results. In the end, however, the study of only nine subjects is relatively small.

The results should be eagerly awaited. After all, rejuvenation is a problem that affects almost everyone. Harvard researchers have already presented some very realistic anti-aging tips, while the first anti-aging tablets actually seem to work. In addition, a new ISS experiment promised new anti-aging therapies. And also this man seeks a life without death. Skepticism is necessary, but new technologies are already allowing much of the impossible.


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