"The astronaut" Max Mutzke wins "The masked singer"


Singer Max Mutzke won the finale of the television show "The Masked Singer" from ProSieben as an astronaut. "You can not imagine how we lived," said the winner after his release Thursday in Cologne on the hour under the mask. "My family did not know anything either." Mutzke had received most of the calls from the public and had only to remove his mask as the last candidate.

In "The Masked Singer", the celebrities had to be fully costumed and sing live in masks during the last six weeks. A team of advisers and the public broke their heads about the masked mask.

Thursday, in the finals, presenter Daniel Aminati as Kudu, the satirist Bülent Ceylan as an angel and boxer Susi Kentikian were unmasked in monsters. "It's the longest date I've ever known," said Matthias Opdenhövel, who as presenter of "The Masked Singer" had fallen in love with the pink monster early. "By the way, I'll call you monster forever," Opdenhövel told Susi Kentikian after the show.

In the last final round, Mutzke then defeated singer Gil Ofarim, who then had to remove his grasshopper mask – before presenting himself as a good second: "We all won today," did he said at the last evening.

Despite its summer broadcast time, the show ProSieben has managed to do what no German TV program has managed to do for a long time: the number of viewers has increased. Also in semifinal, the live broadcast has again increased the audience and left all the other programs broadcast in prime time. 3.16 million viewers watched the show, or 14%. In the 14 to 49 age group targeted by advertising, the market share was even 29%. Friday, it will prove only if the final can beat these numbers again.

After the success, the station announced a second season "Masked Singer" for 2020 – but probably at a less hot time of the year.