Easier "App-take"? – Scientists are looking for overweight women and men

02.08.2019 08:59

Easier "App-take"? – Scientists are looking for overweight women and men

The LWL University Hospital of the Ruhr University of Bochum and the Otto-Friedrich University of Bamberg are launching a study this summer with overweight or obese men and women (obesity) and who wish to lose weight conventional weight loss programs alone. Special feature of this study: During the weight loss process, participants receive individual psychological support in the form of "I-GENDO-App", a smartphone application. I-GENDO means "reducing weight successfully interactively – sustainably through optimal psychological support".

Worsening eating habits and lack of physical activity have led to serious health problems in large parts of the population in recent decades due to overweight and obesity (overweight). "While many patients are aware of these health risks and are trying to lose weight through dieting and exercise, only a few are able to reduce their weight in the long run," explains the study coordinator and psychologist Magdalena Pape, highlighting the dilemma. "One possible reason for this could be that conventional weight loss programs only work on the eating behavior and movements of the affected people."

Experts agree that to lose weight sustainably, it is necessary to understand the thoughts and feelings that contribute to obesity. Because stress or sadness leads to eating more, absorbing more calories and finally gaining weight. Negative thoughts and beliefs can also have a negative effect on weight, for example by preventing effective weight loss measures. However, the respective thoughts and feelings differ from person to person.

"This is where the I-GENDO app comes in and provides psychological support based on the individual strengths and weaknesses of the participants," explains Magdalena Pape. "Through regular self-observation and in-depth exercises, learned content can be reflected and internalized."

The study targets women and men overweight and overweight. Excluded are those who have had or are considering an obesity operation. In addition, insulin-dependent diabetes or pregnancy should not be present. By participating fully in the study, subjects receive compensation up to 400 euros.

Interested parties can contact us by e-mail: igendo@lwl.org or speak to the answering machine at 0234 5077-3232. The contact person for inquiries and inquiries is the coordinator of the project study in Bochum, Magdalena Pape of the Department of Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy at LWL University Hospital, e-mail address: magdalena-maria.pape@lwl.org, tel. 0234 5077-3206.

Scientific contact:

Magdalena Pape (M.Sc. Psychology)
Email: magdalena-maria.pape@lwl.org
Such. 0234 5077-3206


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