"Everything seems to be going well" / Professor Glaeske criticizes prevention ideas in the "Make Kassenwahl" bill | message

Bremen / Obernkirchen (ots) – As he has the freedom to choose in the
compulsory health insurance exists, the so-called
Compensation of the risk structure (RSA). The bottom is the goal
financial compensation for structural inequalities between
Health insurance. Thus, aspects such as age, sex or
The state of health of the insured meant. "Chests with a lot
Young people and healthy people have advantages over health insurance companies
many elderly and old people. The RSA intervenes here and
distributes health insurance money with an advantageous insured structure
potentially have less expense for cash register care payments
unfavorable structure and therefore mainly expensive ",
describes Professor Gerd Glaeske of the Institute "Longer Better Living",
cooperation between the University of Bremen and the health insurance BKK24, the
basic compensation mechanism for the production of
comparable conditions of competition.

The RSA must now be completed and prevention in
Take the field of vision. It looks like the Ministry of Health
draft law "Make-Kassenwahl". The Ministry
plans to introduce a precautionary allowance, then a cashier
receives when his insured investigate
Early detection of the disease or prevention in existing patients
Participate in the risks of illness. The goal of the set: the financial incentive
to ensure that the funds motivate their policyholders,
participate more frequently in such activities.

"While any promotion of prevention is fundamentally positive
especially the screening exams are
the age of 18 still in the discussion regarding the
proven advantage, "says Professor Glaeske
Surveys conducted to improve health in the
The case of non-disease detected hardly contributes
wrden. The health expert even sees dangers: "He can do the
Imagine that lifestyle, nutrition, management of
Nicotine or alcohol has nothing to change. It seems so
everything is fine. "significantly more valuable in the long run
applied preventive measures, which lead a healthy life also in the
Activate the future. A comparison made by Professor Glaeske
clarifies this: the car is on the brake test, from
Light gas and exhaust gas. If no fault is found here,
there is the television plate. If there is a fault, the car is repaired
again for two years of traffic.

Preventive measures for a healthy lifestyle with a
Motivation for health action must be long-term and also
make permanent changes, asks Professor Glaeske. she
goes in this context to differentiated offers
taking into account the individual life situation of
The people to reach, being social and
special attention to gender inequality
should be. Preventive exams are important from where they come
would check regularly for diseases after treatment
again signs of a new appearance can be found.
"But prevention and health promotion have a different purpose.
Common diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes or too much
The best thing to do is that cancer should not even develop, it must be the goal
an effective health policy be. And that does not go through
Early detection or checkups are provided by law
propagated according to the principle of Giekanne and by the insured because of
financial compensation from the RSA is recommended by the coffers. "
Long-term prevention programs such as the
Health initiative "Live better longer." health insurance BKK24
all people, not just the insured,
participate as an effective motivation to a
permanent prevention succeeds and only one with the participants
better health and well-being.

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