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The most important thing in short

  • In this article, we will show you how to get beautiful skin step by step and what women with beautiful skin hardly ever do
  • To obtain a beautiful skin, you must first discover what is missing: moisture, deep cleaning or vitamins?
  • In order to obtain a beautiful skin, you must use proper cleaning and care and not deflect so quickly
  • Rose water is a beauty product that helps to solve all skin problems and gives beautiful skin.

This thing helps against all skin problems at the same time

It is important to find the right cleanser and cream for your skin type and skin problem. There is a product that is suitable for all skin types: rose water. I have myself finally (!) A really beautiful skin, which is hydrogenated and even small impurities have disappeared. But how can this be?

Rose water has a regulating effect. Means: Whether it's pimples, dryness or wrinkles, as rose water always guides your skin to optimum mediocrity, it helps to fight against almost any skin problem by same time.

My favorite among the pure rose waters is Junglück's:

I apply it every morning and every evening by spraying it on my face after applying the cream. If necessary, I also use it as a little beauty booster for the skin in between.

Facts about the product:

  • 100% natural, without artificial additives
  • 100% "green" in the code check
  • Vegan and without animal testing
  • Neutral product for the climate
  • The company engages in charitable projects

That's why rose water makes a beautiful skin

This is …

  1. moisturizing
  2. Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and soothing
  3. antioxidant
  4. circulation stimulates
  5. decongestant
  6. Non-comedogenic

Cosmetics for a beautiful skin

The cosmetics that suit you depend, of course, on your skin type. Do you have oily, dry or mixed skin? And what really helps against the first wrinkles? We have the best cleaning and care products specific to the type that the world of beauty has to offer.

The good cleaning

For dry and sensitive skin

If you have very dry skin, you probably know the problem: no skin care product seems to be soft enough and moisturizing enough to finally calm your skin. There is a very good cleaning of the French brand Caudalie, which is specially adapted to the needs of dry skin:

A client with very sensitive skin written after use: "I am [nach der ersten Verwendung] in love and decided to use it for a few weeks and my skin is fine with it. My skin is very beautiful and the "Embellishing Mist" is simply essential. It feels a bit heavy and greasy after washing your face. But your skin will love. "

For oily skin and subject to imperfections

Oily skin and prone to pimples is also prone to inflammation. Yes, you want your face to feel perfectly clean, but you should not be too aggressive here to keep your skin even more irritating. Unfortunately, many women make this mistake, but less is often more.

A gentle and pleasant skin wash cream that effectively cleanses your skin is available from Dr. med. Hauschka:

In combination skin

If you have mixed skin, it is probably seen through a rather bright T area with rather dry spots on the cheeks and around the eyes. A rather expensive cleaning, but also very good for a beautiful skin, even with a combination skin is the Daily cleanser for the deep pores of rare earths from Kiehl & # 39; s:

A customer writes after a certain test time: "It's by far the best facial cleanser I've ever used, I'll never change anything else, it's gentle enough to be used every day, if I can not use it for a few days, my skin will break I have a pimple-sensitive combination skin that simply cleans it without drying it out, so I no longer need the most powerful acne products from my dermatologist ".

Which cream makes a beautiful skin?

For dry and sensitive skin

Beautiful skin – without dry spots. The Stiftung Warentest also addressed this topic and tested 15 face creams for dry skin as well as 30 people tested. While the most expensive creams (like the BioChange Sensitive Skin Sealer cream MBR for about 200 euros) were the worst performers, the winner received the RoC Enydrial moisturizer with the note "very good":

RoC cream is the winner in the Stiftung Warentest, fights dry areas and ensures beautiful skin

Here you get RoC Enydrial Moisturizer>

Although subjects rated their skin as pleasant to the touch on all creams, laboratory studies showed clear differences in terms of moisture accumulation. You can read the Stiftung Warentest detailed test report again.

For oily skin and subject to imperfections

For oily skin prone to pimples, there is a very good HelloBody day cream that moisturizes and removes dirt, toxins and environmental pollutants from your skin:

A customer writes in her opinion on cream: "I bought the cream because I've heard so much about the brand, I was skeptical about the price, but I must say that I'm totally satisfied, the cream moisturizes, does not grease." and is so nice all day Feeling fresh, but not as much as duct tape, as is the case with other creams, which is also vegan is an added bonus. "

In combination skin

A beautiful skin despite a combination skin – that's one thing. After all, the face needs a moisturizer, however, it is lightweight and reduces impurities. A light moisturizer particularly suitable for sensitive combination skin is the Avene Hydrance Optimal Relaxed Cream:

A customer writes cream: "The cream is perfect for my sensitive skin, dry and yet slightly impure – the appropriate care" and another way: "I bought cream at the pharmacy, but for a lot more money and I just wanted it to be cheaper." "The product is the same, so it is highly recommended for difficult skin".

Which oil for a beautiful skin?

We talked to women with beautiful skin. One thing in common: almost all use facial oils. It does not matter if the subject is dryness, pimples, lack of elasticity or wrinkles, the face oil adapted to your type will help you to obtain a beautiful skin and to keep it. The important thing is that you actually use an oil that exactly matches the needs of your skin.

For dry skin

With dry skin, you should not be so careful when choosing oil from your skin. Because dry skin often has something to do with vitamin E deficiency, we recommend coconut oil. A good pure and organic coconut oil comes for example from MonteNativo:

For oily skin and subject to imperfections

Those with oily skin or prone to pimples are likely to be afraid of over-fat products. Why does an oil make a beautiful skin but Sense? Because your skin receives the signal that it already has enough fat and can stop its own production. In addition, many oils have an antibacterial effect and help heal inflamed pimples. But it's important that you use a non-comedogenic oil that does not clog your pores.

An oil that is suitable for impure skin is, for example, argan oil because it also reduces the effects of conversation. A very good argan oil, which is also in my bathroom cabinet, is that of the sustainable brand Earth to you:

Here, you not only get a first-class cosmetic product that not only helps you get beautiful skin, but also a small company that produces in an ethical farm in India. And with each bottle of argan oil sold, they give money from which trees are planted in Africa.

In combination skin

A good oil for combination skin, for example, is grape seed oil. It's light and regulating. There is a good Grape seed oil from Birth:

A customer writes after use: "This oil is very good, I use it on the face and décolleté hydrated in the evening after the makeover, it absorbs well and does not leave a greasy film, the next morning the skin is soft and hydrated, it also acts completely against the small wrinkles Pity that it is not delivered in a glass tube with a pipette, otherwise I would recommend it without hesitation ".

Which vitamins and dietary supplements for beautiful skin?

Which vitamin and which dietary supplement help you improve your skin depends on what is missing from your skin and what you want to do with it. Here is a list of vitamins and how they can help you:

Vitamin A reduces wrinkles
Vitamin E prevents skin aging and helps dry skin
Vitamin B2 on dry and uneven skin
Vitamin D3 in the bad skin
Vitamin H gives the resilience of the skin

What foods for a beautiful skin?

When it comes to foods that make a beautiful skin, the list is no longer a secret. Important: Avoid, as far as possible, animal products, sugar and processed foods.

These foods make a beautiful skin
Oatmeal is the powerful food for beautiful skin, hair and nails

For you to nourish yourself with beautiful skin:

  • oatmeal
  • coconut oil
  • apples
  • nuts
  • lemons
  • asparagus
  • spinach
  • blueberries
  • linseed oil
  • carrots
  • parsley
  • tomatoes
  • tofu
  • legumes

Beautiful skin without pill or hormones – is it possible?

Many women know the problem: they took the pill and had a fantastic skin, but after weaning, it starts and the pimples are noticeable. Others can be extra because imperfections prescribe the pill. But does not the beautiful skin go without additional hormones?

Testosterone is often responsible for irritating pimples. However, a hormonal substitute in the pill inhibits the formation of testosterone, which is why the pill, in short, provides a beautiful skin. But what can we do if we want to have beautiful, uniform and impeccable skin without taking the pill?

With blame is almost always the bowel. After stopping the pill, you should at least take care of your intestinal health. But it's not for nothing that the intestine is our "second brain", so this really ugly organ is usually important for our health and beauty.

If you are interested in this subject, be sure to consult Giulia Enders best-seller, Intestine of charm have read:

Which treatment heals a beautiful skin?

This treatment helps for a beautiful skin
In addition to the daily care, a regular treatment of the face by a professional for a beautiful skin can be useful

With the best for beautiful skin is from time to time a treatment by the professional. What are the treatments for the face and what they bring each, you will find now in this overview:

Microdermabrasion / diamond peeling

A so-called microdermabrasion (or also diamond peeling called) loosens the superfluous Hautschüppchen by circular motions and then draws them through the void.

That's how it works:

  • Help with small pimples and large pores
  • Removes calluses and superficial pigment spots
  • Gives a pale, tired complexion with a revitalized complexion
  • Minimizes small wrinkles

fruit peels

An acid peel with fruits is up to date the Of the face. Why? Because it is an effective exfoliation, particularly gentle to the skin by the abandonment of gross mechanics. Especially if you have pimples, you should be very careful with the scrubs. This variant is perfect for acne and co.

That's how it works:

  • Help with big and inflamed pimples and large pores
  • Removes calluses and superficial pigment spots
  • Gives a pale, tired complexion with a revitalized complexion

Intense pulsed light

a Intense pulsed light Treatment (IPL) is also available in O2-IPL and IPL-Needling variants. All concentrate with targeted phototherapy especially on the epidermis and minimize pigmentation, visible veins and redness.

That's how it works:

  • Reduces age spots and redness
  • Can also be used for acne

If you are interested in any of these treatments or would like to know what is available, you can ask the beautician of your choice and ask for advice.

What makes a beautiful skin – and what?

If you want to have beautiful skin, you must first find out what is missing from your skin. Is it the right cleaning and care? If you change diets, do you miss vitamins or do you have a habit that harms your skin? It's often a combination of several factors that make our skin look less beautiful. That is why, at the beginning of the article, we have listed all the options to improve your complexion.

What matters is not only what you need to do for beautiful skin, but what you prefer. not should do.

These things can hinder you and your beautiful skin:

  • Bad diet with too much dairy and sugar
  • Smoking, alcohol and too much caffeine
  • lack of sleep
  • Drink too little water
  • vitamin deficiency
  • Mental stress

Schüssler salts and apple cider vinegar for beautiful skin

In addition to the proper cleaning and care products and a healthy diet, Schüssler salts and apple cider vinegar can also contribute to a healthy diet.

Environmental factors such as dry heating air, chlorine and UV rays can affect our skin, make it look dull and unsightly, and even cause very dry skin or pimples. What can help here is an intensive cure to Schüssler's salts.

Apple cider vinegar is a real booster of beauty. However, this not only guarantees beautiful skin, but is also good for our health. Apple cider vinegar has a positive effect on blood sugar and immune system levels and can even help with cystitis. Last but not least, apple cider vinegar can also help the intestines and digestion, which is not only important for health, but also has a major impact on the skin. Because apple cider vinegar does not taste great for many and so it's not so easy to drink, it's also available in capsule form.

Whether Schüssler salts or apple cider vinegar are better for you is simply a problem of type. Although Schüssler's salts are used as a cure for a short time, you can incorporate apple cider vinegar into your daily life and drink it as a preventative. Of course, you should also look at what makes your skin start better.


To have a beautiful skin in the long run, it is not enough to do a good thing. You should see if your body is lacking in vitamins, for example, then make sure you have enough intake of substances. At the same time, type-specific cleansing and facials are the foundation of pure, radiant, beautiful skin.

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