Haidershofen – "We need doctors for the vital center"

In December 2017, Ewald Wartecker made his projects public. The company Wartecker Immobilien GmbH wanted to transform into a health center 1.2 million euros of its former premises, now vacant, located in the center of Haidershofen.

The future vital center should become a central point of contact for health, prevention, therapy, training and counseling. Ordinations for a family doctor, specialists and therapists as well as a pharmacy should be organized in the building. Projects that immediately aroused great interest among the community. "We took into account the vital center during the redesign of the city center and the creation of additional parking spaces," explains Mayor Manfred Schimpl.

"Honestly, I did not expect it to be so difficult"Ewald Wartecker

Despite positive feedback from the community and citizens, the project is not as advanced as expected. Two physiotherapists have already been found and the location of a pharmacy, which will be managed by Behambergerin Cornelia Pohn, has already been legally approved. What is missing up to now, however, are the doctors who will settle in the vital center. "To be honest, I did not expect it to be so difficult," admits Ewald Wartecker.

After the retirement of the community doctor, Walter Irauschek, at the end of the year, Wartecker was already waiting for his successor to consider a new practice in the vital center. A successor contrasts with the neighboring municipality of Behamberg, which offers several opportunities to get a cash machine – but including a medicine cabinet – but has not seen it yet.

Hurry up

And time is running out, as the opening of the vital center is still scheduled for the middle of 2020. "Planning is continuing and should be completed by the end of August," said Ewald Wartecker. "It's a great project, but we have to slow down and we need doctors," said Mayor Manfred Schimpl to an urgent call to all doctors.

Due to the geographical proximity of Upper Austria, the Upper Austrian Medical Association asked for help to find a doctor and received a no. "Sometimes, we really feel that national borders are worse than the EU's external borders," says Schimpl.

Concrete plans already exist for pharmacy. "I want to unblock as soon as possible," says Cornelia Pohn, who had no problem finding staff. Their "Haiho pharmacy" will also house a health workshop where pharmaceutical crafts will be brought to the fore. In the exhibition lab, you can watch the employees at work.