Dr. Birgitta Behringer M.A. and the Bochum Prize of the Ambulatory Ethics Committee: "Human Rights and Ethics in Medicine for the Elderly"

"Munich's Human Rights and Ethics in Medicine for the Elderly" is the theme of the Munich Josef Foundation and Luise Kraft, who this year awarded the first prize to Dr. Ing. Birgitta Behringer M.A. and the outpatient ethics committee Bochum e.V. (AEB) forgave, where they were very pleased with the award and the promotion. The prize will be awarded on 9 December in Berlin and is also of scientific importance.
"The foundation defends the interests of the elderly in German society," says Dr. Ing., A member of the AEB board of directors. Birgitta Behringer, who has just completed her Master's degree in Medical Ethics. "It cooperates with organizations and institutions that launch imaginative, solution-oriented projects that are as sustainable as they are effective and that bridge the gap between society and us."
The Kraft-Stiftung pays tribute to Bochum's "Plan Treatment in Advance" (BVP), which aims to promote the autonomy of people in residential care and people with intellectual disabilities. It is an initiative of the AEB, supported by the Stadtwerke Bochum, which emphasizes respect and respect for the autonomy and dignity of people . "We want people to be treated the way they want, even when they are no longer able to make decisions."
Through its complex and professional discussion process, BVP allows an intensive exchange on what is important for the individual. This includes family members and relatives, as well as legal representatives, doctors and nurses.
"Early confrontation with existential questions," Dr. Behringer, "can facilitate the necessary decisions in situations where people depend on the protection of their social environment." BVP deals with problems of overtreatment and under-therapy. This attitude is characterized by a permanent discourse on the well-being of people in need.
The Palliative Care Act, with its paragraph 132g for hospital care facilities and hospital care facilities for the disabled, has created the legal basis for the employment of professionally trained conversation workers. These help residents in planning health in advance for health crisis situations in which they are no longer self-reliant.
The AEB offers qualified training to conversation agents. A complex formation that has already taken place three times in Bochum. For the implementation, the construction of networks and the involvement of all the actors involved are essential. Primary is the regional discussion of how we care about the well-being of the elderly and those in need. "Pastor Rainer Meschenat, AEB Board member, explains" that it is not purely medical matters but taking into account the physical dimension. mental, social and spiritual in the sense of the best possible care ".

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