Sunscreens with low protection factor are radius guards

It's good to laugh if you apply enough sunscreen: Sunscreens with low sun protection factor (SPF) have long since disappeared from most shelves. Particularly light skin types need to pay attention to high SPF – just like our colleague Laura Hellwig, who has tried different creams.

© Nadine Maaz

On the sun lounger, on the lake, on vacation – sunscreen is an indispensable companion for tanning. With SPF 15, hardly a customer is satisfied.

Those looking for sunscreen with sun protection factor (SPF) 10 or 15 in the pharmacy or pharmacy often leave empty-handed. Pharmacies such as Rossmann have moved out of the range of low sun protection products and have adapted their offer to increase customer awareness of safety.

This also applies to district pharmacies. Many do not offer sunscreen with an SPF lower than 20. Saskia Hildwein, owner of the city's pharmacy, spa and gallery in Bad Hersfeld, has already seen a shift towards conscious sun protection there a few years ago. A similar image can be seen at the Bieber pharmacy in Bebra and at the castle pharmacy in Rotenburg.

Customers want an SPF greater than 50

In addition to the high demand for high SPF sunscreen products, a wide variety of creams and skincare products are also available, suitable for every skin type. For example, sun care for tattoos or cosmetics with SPF are also available.

"Until the end of last year, we had always proposed sunscreen with the factor of sunscreen 10", said a spokeswoman for the company Rossmann for the press. Due to the low demand, this has been replaced by sunscreen with a higher sun protection factor. "Security awareness is increasing," said the spokeswoman, "as well as the desire for sunscreen with sun protection factors well above 50 and 50+".

The dm chain of pharmacies confirms: "Customers place more importance on adequate UV protection, not only against sunburn, but also against premature aging of the skin or its long-term consequences, such as skin cancer, "said a spokeswoman.

Protection also depends on the type of skin

The duration of protection of a sunscreen is determined by the individual skin protection time and the sun protection factor of the cream. Your own UV protection depends on the type of skin that results from the color of the skin, hair and eyes.

An example: a person with fair skin and blond hair has a self-protection time of 10 minutes. With SPF 30 cream, this person can stay in the sun for 300 minutes without damaging the skin.

By Laura Hellwig