Stay away from Alzheimer's by "nibbling" during workout and making study suggestions.

Once again, the experts emphasized the importance of changing the lifestyle to avoid Alzheimer's disease. This time, it's about exercising in everyday life. It is believed that physical activity plays a larger role in preventing memory loss.

A study published Tuesday in the journal JAMA Neurology revealed that even a modest level of physical activity can be beneficial to the individual. This means that "nibbling" during exercise or spending at least three to four minutes a day can reduce the risk of this form of aggressive dementia.

In the United States, nearly six million people live with Alzheimer's disease and there is no treatment or medication to prevent it. The only way to prevent this disease is to make simple lifestyle changes, such as spending time on physical activities.

The study conducted by a group of researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) explains the new way to prevent this disease.

"Since there is currently no treatment modifying Alzheimer's disease, there is an urgent need to identify risk-modifying factors that could delay the progression of the disease. ", said lead researcher Jasmeer Chhatwal in a statement.

For research, scientists have observed the daily lives of more than 180 adults in the clinic and found that physically active people reduced the risk of developing this form of aggressive dementia.

"Some useful effects were observed with modest physical activity, but about 8,900 steps were the most pronounced, which is only slightly lower than the 10,000 that many of us want to achieve on a daily basis." said the co-author, Reisa Sperling.

Research has shown that reducing vascular risk factors such as diabetes and high cholesterol would likely delay the progression of Alzheimer's disease. It can also provide additional protection against this devastating disease.

"One of the most striking findings of our study is that greater physical activity appeared to not only have a positive impact on slowing cognitive decline, but also to slow down the rate of brain tissue loss over time among Normal people with high levels of had amyloid plaque levels in the brain, "said Chhatwal.

The study also revealed that physical activity can reduce the amount of a protein fragment called b-amyloid (Ab) that has accumulated in the brain during the early stages of this devastating disease. The study is designed to help doctors diagnose the first signs of a disease.

"The building of beta-amyloid protein and tau protein certainly creates the preconditions for cognitive impairment at a later age, but we must not forget that there are now steps we can take to reduce the risks future – even in people with a structure of these proteins Alzheimer's disease and the beginning of cognitive decline are multifactorial and require a multifactorial approach if we hope to change course, "said Chhatwal.

Stick during exercise to stay away from Alzhemier. Photo: Pixabay / Mabel Amber