With this tip, you save 300 calories per meal – without realizing it

If you want to save calories, you do not have to go on a strict diet or sweat at the gym every day. How to easily save up to 300 calories per meal without knowing it, we will tell you here.

Those who want to lose weight to get closer to their bikini silhouette in the shortest time usually rely on strict diets or radical methods that go hand in hand with quitting. This sometimes only requires small changes in eating habits, which forces us to eat fewer calories, Because often they are certain Pattern of behavior in our dietwho carry useless calories throughout the day and that we do not even question. Now we are met an ingenious trick that was super efficient and so simple is that we find it hard to believe when we hear about it. What is it and how you can help save 300 calories per meal (!), You will discover here …

This trick will fill us faster

Many people think that losing weight requires completely changing their diet and giving up their favorite food. That's it often much more effective for thinking about hidden calorie traps in the daily dietwhere are you Save calories can, how to do it Metabolism grows and what rituals, such as eating late, lead to unnecessary weight gain. Now we are on another Author's tip Brandon Nguyen encountered by a single change in eating behavior: "An easy way to eat more slowly and more consciously: force yourself to eat with your non-dominant hand." Means: right-handed food with left hand, left-handed with right!

Of course, it's an unknown situation, but that's also the thing: that we First, you must learn how to use your knife, spoon and fork with your other hand.We can not pack and eat more slowly and more thoughtfully. so We feel more quickly a satiety that starts after about 15 minutes and that fills up quicklyOver time, we get used to the change, but the food is always smarter – so we can save up to 300 calories per meal!

Small portions of Mindful Eating

And yet another method of eating, which aims for a similar principle, should be really effective in saving calories and is even scientifically proven: Mindful Eating causes us to hear with smaller portionsFor the study, led by explorer duo Pierre Chandon and Yann Cornil, 1,000 participants had to view various photos of Essen and think about the ways in which they could enjoy the food. The result: The subjects, who had been shown an image in advance, appreciated their meal more, but also chose smaller portions.

And that's what Mindful Eating means – instead of closing the food aside, you should get focus on the sensory experience and analyze the taste, the smell and even the sounds in the meantime. The big thing is that we not only have more food, but also can even eat what we want – just in smaller portions! 😋

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