Complementary Medicine in the series "Comprehensible Medicine"

Traditional Medicine versus Alternative Medical Concepts – If the researcher does not know what is going on in white, complementary medicine looks forward to it. The scientific results are missing – unimportant !?

In Africa, due to the lack of alternatives in some regions, the demand for patient services is increasing in many Western industrial societies. Komplimentärmedizin determine. However, this trend should in no way be considered as proof of the effectiveness of alternative offers. But this can be understood as a desire to broaden the therapeutic offer.

An understandable medicine, in a word

Medicine understandable – complementary medicine
when: Wednesday, July 24, 2019 from 7:30 pm
orPhotos: City Hall, City Council Meeting Room, Schloßplatz 6, 65183 Wiesbaden (Plan your trip!)
admission: free

"For all your sufferings I prescribe laughter", this successful effect of the good mood already described François Rabelais in the 16th century. If you laugh heartily, you activate more than 300 muscles in the body. Happiness hormones are released and a greater amount of oxygen is absorbed. Ideally, you laugh a lot in your daily life, but offers such as laughter yoga have their reason to be. The conference explains how health can be linked to humor Understandable medicine clearly explained Wednesday.

"Take your time and exercise breaks in your daily life, stand up regularly during your office activities and take advantage of the variety of exercise offerings offered by the city." – Mayor Dr. Oliver Franz.

Another aspect that will be the focus of attention is the movement. Active daily living affects physical and mental health. Muscle activity stimulates the body's self-healing processes and optimizes metabolic processes. At least 150 minutes Moderate physical activity is recommended by the World Health Organization weekly. The sedentary behavior, which describes a daily life poor in movement, with a long and uninterrupted sitting, is today considered as a major risk factor for diseases.

Movement more

In the case of existing complaints or in the treatment of clinical images such as, for example, tumors, exercise becomes more and more important. In the next "understandable medicine", the positive effect of movement is generally addressed, but also with regard to back pain and tumors.

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