Firm and radiant skin: from 40 years old: these substances must absolutely contain your facials

Your skin ages with you: at 40, she has needs very different from those at 20 years old. We will show you what it needs and what you need to watch for skin care.

Wrinkles, brown spots, skin cracks and dryness: at the latest in the 1940s, these skin changes can be problematic. It's normal The older we get, the slower our skin works: It produces less moisture, the substances that store water in the layers of our skin, accumulate more and more and the cell division becomes slow. In addition, the blood flow to the skin, the oxygen content and, consequently, the nutrient intake of the cells – no promising prospect.

But you do not have to remain inactive in the process of dismantling. Fortunately, there is now in the sky of beauty Anti-aging stars, that help your skin. We will show you which active ingredients your treatment program from 40 should contain.

For cell renewal: supported by hyaluronic acid capsules

With additional hyaluronic acid, you can support your body and thus ensure healthy and well moistened skin. At the same time, you avoid extra wrinkles. With the natural and vegetable Skin Glow capsules, you take in addition to high dose hyaluronic acid even more zinc, vitamin C and vitamin B12. 90 capsules cost just € 19.95 – and with one capsule a day, you can already get a glowing skin! Here you can buy hyaluronic acid capsules directly from Amazon.

Skin lipids and moisturizers

Your skin needs first and foremost two things: moisture and fat. To take care of it, you should first, after the cleansing of the face, moisturizing serum with hyaluron or retinol access.

Hyaluron smoothes wrinkles and is the ultimate moisturizer. Behind, there is no chemistry, but an endogenous substance. Hyaluron is contained in your skin layers and ensures that she she Elasticity and resilience receives but decreases steadily from 25. With a hyaluronic serum, you can replace the missing substance.

Retinol, on the other hand, plays a crucial role in the growth of cutaneous cells. As you get older, the cycle of new skin cells slows down. Retinol can speed up this process again. The effect: Your skin regenerates faster.

Face oils provide the necessary fats

Women over 40 often have skin problems, but oily skin is not part of it. However, fats are very important for an intact skin barrier. So you can use skin lipids nutritional oils for the face out. Especially super strong act "" Macadamia, almond or jojoba oil. They nourish your skin with vitamins, give a smooth, silky face and a radiant complexion.

The ceramides of the moisturizer protect your skin

Ceramides are only special fat molecules, that are already naturally in our highest skin layer. they protect your skin from harmful environmental influencesDue to their aging, they become less and less sensitive and the skin becomes more and more sensitive. The solutions are moisturizers with the active ingredient "Ceramides NP".

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