Here, the ÖBB rails have a white color like "sunscreen"

Bludenz. In the vicinity of Bludenz in Vorarlberg, the ÖBB has colored white tracks for a length of about five kilometers. This prevents the rails from being heated by strong sunlight and the crushing of the rails or deformation of the tracks can be reduced. If the project succeeds, it could be extended to the whole of Austria.

"The project is very promising and we hope that it will be an effective measure against the effects of climate change," said Franz Bauer, board member of the board of directors. 39, infrastructure of ÖBB, in a press release. Surveys have shown that the temperature of the rails can be lowered from five to eight degrees Celsius.

Special device adds color

In order to apply the paint to the tracks, a special vehicle was developed by the Lehrwerkstätte Feldkirch. It took two years of research and development to complete the superstructure with a fixed sprayer. The car travels at a speed of five to seven kilometers at the hour, the paint does not penetrate the substrate or the bed of the track when it is applied.

As ÖBB's Jürgen Neumayr explains, it was important to analyze all year round if the rails were actually less deformed. If this is the case, the project should be applied throughout Austria. The method is already known in Switzerland and Italy, where the effect of lowering the temperature of the white color has already been confirmed.