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The squirrel of "The Masked Singer" is Marcus Schenkenberg. In the fourth episode, the contestant had to remove the mask and leave the show.

The squirrel of "The Masked Singer" is unmasked – under the mask of the cute rodent, none other than the one hidden by Marcus Schenkenberg. "Marcus who?" He then exploited the land through the media landscape. And rightly so, many viewers find. Overall, the transmitter ProSieben The term "celebrity" but spread a little further down. Or is Marcus Schenkenberg wrong? After all, even the moderators had, at least at the start of the season, very good candidates of the Madonna weight class or at least Helene Fischer on the radar. As far as Marcus Schenkenberg is concerned, he certainly can not hurt if we help you know a bit about jumps. You may remember that you have already seen it here and there?

Squirrel at "The Masked Singer": The supermodel Marcus Schenkenberg

The real name of Marcus Schenkenberg is Marcus Lodewijk Schenkenberg van Mierop. He has Dutch ancestors and was born in 1968 near the Swedish capital, Stockholm. He now lives in the United States and also has US citizenship. Marcus Schenkenberg is known around the world: he became famous in 1991 thanks to Calvin Klein's advertising campaign for jeans and is, according to Wikipedia, the highest paid male top model in the world.

At "The Masked Singer" revealed: the squirrel Marcus Schenkenberg

Image: ProSieben

"The Masked Singer" the squirrel Marcus Schenkenberg is a successful brand

Although the model Marcus Schenkenberg has sometimes been an actor, he focuses more on the economic field: he sells under his own name different products such as perfumes, jewelry or a collection of body clothes.

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At first, he was mainly a basketball fan. His dream was to become an NBA professional. But also a musical vein to Marcus Schenkenberg. He took violin lessons in adolescence.

The squirrel Marcus Schenkenberg was not only a candidate for "The Masked Singer"

Even if all the viewers of "The Masked Singer" may not remember immediately the exact name for the face of Marcus Schenkenberg: A novice in the German television landscape is not the top model. In 2000 he was with "Wetten dass?", In 2003 at the Bambi Awards and from 2006 to 2008 in "The next top model of Germany" by Heidi Klum. Also sporty, he has already appeared. With Alexander Hold, Sven Hannawald and Ina Menzer, he was sitting in a four-man wok at the 8th Wok World Cup 2010 in Oberhof. (AZ)

The masked singer, episode 4: Who sang like a squirrel?

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