Death after the operation: the patient unpacked: "I am happy to be still alive."

The title reads like a horror film: "A woman dies after the widening of the Po". At the doctor's in Düsseldorf Ali-Reza Samary had a young man of 42 years who suffered a so-called "elevation of the Brazilian buttocks". During the procedure, the patient is sucked by the fat and then injected into the buttocks. But the dream of a sinuous back has perhaps paid the woman of his life. Shortly after the intervention in the practice of Beauty Doc, the woman died in a hospital in Düsseldorf. The cause of death is still not clear, according to the prosecutor after the autopsy.

The doctor rejects the allegations

But the suspicion is obvious that the tragic accident is related to plastic surgery. Because she's not the first woman to receive the result of her "Brazilian Lifting" to Dr. Ing. Samary did not live. As the judiciary has now announced, a 20-year-old man has died in 2018 after a similar procedure at the doctor's office. In both cases is determined. In front of shows Dr. Samary is shocked by the incidents, but refuses any connection with his operations.

Valentina P. (30 years old) is not so convinced of the innocence of Beauty Doc. Because the young woman wanted to undergo the same operation at the controversial doctor. "One of my friends had gone to Dr. Samary's a Brazilian lifts his buttocks.I loved the result and the before-and-after photos of his Instagram account were looking great." So I made an appointment directly in Düsseldorf ", she tells in an interview with

This trend is not safe either!


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Expert warns of trends in cosmetic surgery

The number of cosmetic surgeries has been increasing for years. Trends in women have been stable for years: wrinkle injections, breast enlargement and eyelid firming are well ahead. spoke to an expert about the trends and dangers of cosmetic surgery.

For a long time, the 30-year-old had flirted with the procedure and had not hesitated after the interview to not directly accept an appointment for a surgery and to pay 2,000 of the 11,000 euros in surgery fees .

The patient ignored the warning signals

In retrospect, however, admits Stuttgart, "I was so euphoric and could not hope for an intervention, I just did not want to see the warning signals." Because there were. "Dr. Samary was very brief at the appointment. He did not explain how the operation was going to unfold and what dangers it might bear. "The car saleswoman probably was not there.The fact that the doctor did not undertake anesthesia, that an anesthetist was not involved in the procedure and that she was operated only in a clinic with a twilight night was strange for the young woman, who has already undergone many cosmetic surgeries.

Rightly, as confirmed by Michael Hellge, founder of the aesthetic surgeon certification platform "Leading Aesthetics": "Ein the doctor is obliged to carry out an education. Unfortunately, I see again and again that doctors do not have more specialists or marketing promises than they can show the result. Unfortunately, there are far too many self-promoters in this area. "Samary was not included in his network despite several requests from customers.

The industry expert warns in a conversation with to pay attention to the doctor's choice and explains what matters: "First, you must always be convinced that a recognized specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery with at least eight years of professional experience, positive reviews in online forums are also a good sign and, of course, sympathy also plays an important role. A personal conversation, the doctor must respond to the wishes of the patient and give him a good feeling. "

A flu saved his life

Although this is not necessarily the case with her, she should be ready on December 12 for Valentina with her "Brazialian Butt Lift". However, she became ill the night before the planned operation. "I had a high fever and felt sick," she recalls. "In this state, I did not want to go under the knife." At 10:00 am, the patient called the office and told her that the surgery was scheduled for 1:00 pm. Appointment Very unhappy with the cancellation in the short term, they asked the patient to present a certificate, which she did. Her family doctor confirmed to the young woman an influenza effect.

Three months later, she again contacted the firm to set a date of care and ask where his down payment. "They reacted extremely rude and told me that I would not recover money because of my short-term cancellation of the surgery appointment," Valentina said. Even the family doctor's sick leave did not accept the practice. "The lady wanted to tell me seriously that the procedure could have been carried out despite the fever without any problems and explained me that it was in the It is common for patients to have surgery, even if they are sick or taking antibiotics, "recalls the 30-year-old, stunned and complimented," so I'm not surprised people are dying. I am happy to be still alive. "

After this conversation, it was clear to the Stuttgart woman that she was in no way Samary operating. The recovery of his deposit gave it to a lawyer. But with the beauty Doc, we did not even want to settle for the deposit of 2000 euros already paid. "Dr. Samary suddenly claimed that I had canceled two appointments and asked for 90% of the total operating costs," said the saleswoman, "in my opinion, it's a joke . "

"I'm tired of this nose"

Even cosmetic surgery expert Michael Hellge does not understand the doctor's requirements: "In general, the patient always has the right to withdraw from an operation. All Leading Aestethics physicians would refrain from paying their fees if there were health reasons. Even if an installment has been paid, it must be offset by actual results. "More than 100 to 200 euros for the consultation.According to the expert, Samary is not too much.

A little more than a month after Valentina had received the voice message containing the doctor's request, a friend had sent her the newspaper article about the two unexplained deaths. "I was appalled and relieved at the same time," recalls Valentina, "in hindsight, I believe, my body I felt that something was wrong and that is why I got sick the night before the planned operation. Maybe this flu saved my life. "

Your money always hopes to recover the young woman. She does not want to make any other payments. And she also concluded with her surgical plans: "I've put aside the Brazilian topic" Butt Lift. "Maybe one day I'll be using butt implants.But for the moment, I'm tired of cosmetic surgery. "