Always train at the same time of the day

Only regular physical activity guarantees permanent weight loss. The recommendation: at least two and a half hours a week to stay healthy and have the feeling of success of its customers.

But even those who are aware of it often find it very difficult to spend enough time in hectic everyday life. There is really only one way to go – to exercise your daily routine.

The researchers found in a new study: Who trains every day at the same time has a better chance of succeeding. It works like this.

Sport in the routine

Anyone who considers his training to be an activity he has to do between other more important activities will probably still have difficulty following and integrating the necessary hours of sweaty exercise into his daily life.

Too tempting, for example, to keep time on the stepper as short as possible. But have you ever considered playing sports an integral part of the daily routine of everyday life? A study by the American Brown Alpert Medical School here shows the path to success.

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