More than just swimming in the pool of Peißenberg: for the day of health in the "Rigi-Rutsch & # 39; n"

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For the first time, the "Rigi-Rutsch & # 39; n" on July 20 at "health meeting place". Visitors who enjoy free admission that day can learn about various health complexes.


"We have prepared a lot, there will be one or the other," said the general director of the hospital GmbH, Thomas Lippmann, at a press conference for the first day of health in the "Rigi-Rutsch & # 39; n". Among other things, there are competitions, facial makeup and aquaform, visitors can measure their blood pressure and heart rate and learn about many topics around the large complex "health ". For example, the "Therapy Center Pro", located on the upper floor of the "Health and Spa Park", has an information booth on the terrace of the establishment of ambulatory resuscitation. The "Krankenhaus GmbH" will also be represented and will provide, for example, information on new professions in nursing education.

"We want to talk to the people first," said Lippmann. For if the existence of hospitals in the district must be ensured, the confidence of district citizens in field clinics is absolutely necessary. Without their decision to go to district clinics, local hospitals are unstoppable. And so that as many people as possible can participate in the health day, admission is free all day.

"Our target group is primarily seniors," said Reinhard Huber, general manager of the "Therapy Center Pro". Its establishment takes over the offer "Aquafitness", if the physiotherapists can take care of it.

The "meeting point on health" has to become a permanent fixture, as explains Ingrid Haberl, CEO of Peißenberg Municipal Works. "We want to further expand this process." It is planned to put more emphasis on prevention. "We want to offer that," Haberl said.

"Health meeting place"

is in the "Rigi-Rutsch & n" on Saturday, July 20th from 10am to 5pm. At 20:30 begins the "serenade by the pool". The entrance is free every Saturday.