Who wrote off? - The new daily newspaper of South Tyrol 2

Who wrote off? – The new daily newspaper of South Tyrol

Diego Nicolini has "lost" the treatment of his application of glyphosate in the diet. Now, the Grillino accuses his ex-party colleague, Paul Köllensperger, of wanting to snatch the subject from him.

by Matthias Kofler

Diego Nicolini shakes his head: "We must be more attentive to the future, so that it does not happen again."

What happened?

The MP of Movimento 5 Stelle has already tabled a resolution in January calling for a strict ban on glyphosate in South Tyrol. Pesticides and herbicides are Nicolini's hobbyhorse. In the fight against herbicides, the Grillino has already had its first success: in March, the Landtag Agriculture Committee approved its law on the protection of nature, which prohibits the use of pesticides in fields, dams, embankments, rivers and rivers. At the request of the farmers, however, agricultural land and railway lines or roads remained excluded from the ban. A complete ban would mean the end of some forms of agriculture (such as maize), argue opponents of the ban.

With his motion for a resolution, Nicolini now wants to go further and ban the use of glyphosate in "areas used by the general public or by vulnerable groups". In addition, the classification of glyphosate as "inadmissible product" should be obtained. The motion for a resolution was already on the agenda of the July session of the Landtag, but was postponed at the request of the sender. "I considered that my other two applications were more urgent, which was a retrospective error," said Nicolini.

Indeed: the Austrian National Council imposed a ban on glyphosate in the week in which the Grillini application was to be processed. It would have been a good time to debate the controversial subject in the House.

Instead, the deputy delegate of Movimento 5 involuntarily gave the opportunity to join the squad with the adjournment of the request of the team of "girls parties" Köllensperger. In a press release, Paul Köllensperger and Co. welcomed the decision of the Austrian National Council to ban the application of glyphosate in Austria. "Health protection is paramount, so potentially carcinogenic herbicides need to be replaced by harmless alternatives Bravo Austria EU Charter of Fundamental Rights guarantees EU citizens a fundamental right At the highest level of health protection, this is why all Member States are obliged to guarantee this fundamental right and we are committed to ensuring that the South Tyrol bioregion free from glyphosate becomes a reality. Our peasantry should be strongly supported in the transition to alternative mechanical methods, "explained Paul Köllensperger, Peter Faistnauer and Renate Holzeisen.

Nicolini suspects his former colleague of the party, Köllensperger, of wanting to steal the subject. In fact, the Köllensperger team wants to submit its own resolution in the month of August. The Grillini, in particular, concludes by saying "rather superficially", is limited to the use of glyphosate in "vulnerable areas" and does not consider differentiation between different pesticides, says the expert in agriculture Peter Faistnauer.

Criticism that his movement wants to steal the subject at Grillini leaves Faistnauer not sitting by his side: "I think, Schuster, stay with your last!" Nicolini comes from another area and does not know how to do it. The Movimento 5 Selle also did not praise all the questions that are the subject of a good reception in society. "In addition, Nicolini, as well as the deputy of TK, even an old motion of Paul Köllensperger adopted by the last legislature and adopted" Copia e incolla ".

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