Thuringians need more drugs in their old age than the national average | Health and Medicine

Thuringians need more drugs in their old age than the national average

At the age of 55, Thuringians need more medicines than the national average.

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Thuringians most often need drugs for circulation. This is apparent from the current data of the GKV umbrella association. According to this statement, one out of four prescriptions issued to Thuringian insured persons prescribes a drug that may be related to the bloodstream – for example, for the treatment of hypertension or the regulation of fluid balance of l & # 39; body.

The number of prescriptions however decreases overall. This can be read on the basis of so-called daily doses – 705 are still in the statistics for 2017, for the past year the number is 703. Despite a lower number of ordinances registered in Thuringia, a higher business figure with drugs. "The background is the trend towards more and more expensive preparations," said Guido Dressel, head of the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) representation in the state.

A spokesman for the Thüringer Barmer refers to the demand that newly introduced drugs increase prices because they are protected by patents. "We are very critical of this development," he said. He insists that more and more money must be spent on smaller and smaller groups of patients. According to Barmer's information, 1% of insureds must spend 40% of all drug expenses.

Drug spending among women increases dramatically

Cardiovascular drugs are the undisputed leaders of medicine: 24.7% of prescriptions issued are based on 342 million daily doses. This is closely followed by preparations for the regulation of gastric acidity (8.3%, 115 million daily doses) and in third place antidiabetics (6.3%, 87 million daily doses).

Anyone who is aging in this country needs more drugs than average. In Thuringia, this is noticeable from 55 years old. Then, for the first time, the number of medications prescribed per insured exceeds the average value, as shown in the GKV database. Insured persons aged between 75 and 90 need by far the greatest number of medicines in Thuringia. The Barmer also determined in his assessment that spending on drugs for women is increasing dramatically.

The average value of prescribed drugs is € 727.30 per inhabitant. In the federal average, each insured person only needs drugs worth 636.52 euros.

There are considerable regional differences. In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, drugs were prescribed at 825.32 euros per capita and in Schleswig-Holstein only 542.25 euros.

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