So, you still succeed in losing weight 2

So, you still succeed in losing weight

If you suffer from hypothyroidism, losing unwanted weight is often even more difficult than it already is. That's why we understood how it can work anyway.

You have already tried all diets and spent a lot of time on your diet. However, a long-term customer success could not be achieved despite all efforts. This fact could be closely related to the function of your thyroid gland because it is fundamental for the development of your hormones and your important metabolic processes. So, she is also responsible for knowing if you are increasing or decreasing. Suffering from a hypofunction of this organ, the metabolism can be slowed down and you feel weak and limp, so that you are not able to do any sports activities. Although you do not eat more than before, you notice a weight gain or stagnation on the scale. Although this situation seems desperate, we know some tips and tricks that you can use to lose weight anyway.

Losing weight despite hypothyroidism: that's how it works

In order to attack the thyroid function and to be able to live with it without problem, you must first take the path of specialization. With a blood test, this can clarify exactly the behavior of your values ​​and find out if you actually suffer from such a sub-function. In general, however, this disease is much more prevalent among women than men, affecting about 2% of the population. If your trusted doctor has noticed that your thyroid is not working well, know that losing weight is more difficult than other women. But it is not possible! The expert will help you first by prescribing the thyroid hormone thyroxine, which balances your household and your metabolism with your daily intake.

Then two important areas can help you lose weight. On the one hand, this applies a lot of exercise put and especially incorporate endurance training into your workout routine. Strength training also helps strengthen your muscles, which helps you lose weight. On the other hand, you can get changes with your dietIn particular, you should set yourself the goal of constantly changing your eating habits and not sticking to the fad diets that you only succeed in the short term and some of whom may even have problems. harmful consequences for health. Fresh foods, such as vegetables, which retain most of the vitamins in the form of steam, as well as the balanced fruits and whole grains that will satisfy you in the long run, are now just what you need. Proteins and proteins, such as fish, meat, tofu or eggs should also supplement your diet if you want to lose weight despite hypothyroidism.

What you prefer to do or are less likely to eat is snacking, sweets and unhealthy finished productsit can put an end to your well-being and increase your weight. Finally, the amount of fat in your dishes should also be reduced. If you observe these tips, prove your ability to stay and see your doctor regularly, nothing stands in the way of your success despite hypothyroidism. 😉

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