Julia Korte returns to her hometown …

Birgit Rustmeier and Wulf-Ekkehard Kastl are waiting for a reinforcement: from 12 August, Julia Korte, a native of Rahden, joins the medical team of the health group of the health center "Hohe Mühle" in Rahden.
Photo: Elke Bösch

Julia Korte and her life partner are now back in their home country, and the 31-year-old is not just waiting for her. Radiant faces were seen Wednesday in the common practice Rustmeier and Kastl. Because at the health center, Julia Korte will join the team from August 12th.

"It's a boon for us, especially because we've known Julia since her childhood," say Birgit Rustmeier and Dr. med. Wulf-Ekkehard Kastl. "That Julia joins us, something better could not happen to us, she already has a lot of experience and is competent," confirms Rustmeier with his colleague.

Studied in Hanover

Julia Korte studied at the University of Medicine (MH) in the capital of Lower Saxony and took her exams there. After a short break, she landed a job at the Agnes Karll Hospital in Laatzen, where she devoted herself to internal medicine, before settling at Robert Koch Hospital. Gehrden. In 2018, she decided to work in a cabinet. There, she focused on neurology and diabetology.

But there is another area for which Julia Korte is very interested and educated: sports medicine. Her work and her hobbies meet here, because doing sports until the marathon is her passion. Another reason to return to the country: "You do not have to get in the car here, you have nature at your fingertips," says the Aboriginal baronist, who moved to Rahden at the same time. age of ten for his renewed love for the country. Country – and she would like to live there "in the country" in the Rahden countryside.

Several attempts

"In fact, I always tried to win Julia for our practice group," reveals Birgit Rustmeier, who has known Julia since 1998. But the courts refused, precisely because their new workplace was in Rahden and not in Hanover. "There, I would have accepted the offer immediately." The last attempt was not quite successful, but fate turned – at Forest Yoga in Stemwederberg, what Dr. Ing Kastl The general practitioner asked Julia Korte: "Just look at us", Julia took a look and gave in to the persuasive skills of two doctors.Now, she belongs to him. team and is happy.

Specialist in 18 months

"At the moment, I'm still an education assistant, I still need 18 months to become a GP," says Korte. She worked in internal medicine for almost four years as she was considering becoming a specialist in internal medicine. If she was thinking about a single practice? "Not really, a group practice offers completely different possibilities.The pressures on a family doctor are huge," also know Birgit Rustmeier and Wulf-Ekkehard Kastl, who have even worked as a solitary fighter for years.

General practitioners wanted

All three of them feel comfortable in the health center, they hide nothing and positively evaluate that they can accommodate more new patients through reinforcement. "It was tight, especially after two general practitioners in Rahden and Lavelsloh had closed their practices.At this moment, there are also patients from Espelkamp seeking a doctor.The doctor's death is greater than the growth in the number of new health professionals.It is more relaxed here, "assure Birgit Rustmeier and Wulf-Ekkehard Kastl.

By the way, she wanted to study medicine, Julia Korte had known for a long time. The sport was still a competitor, but remained on the track. And that she finally decided to work for the doctor? – That's Dr. Kastl and Birgit Rustmeier are not quite innocent, they do not want to spread the hand: "If you have such positive experiences with doctors in childhood and adolescence, you believe that this job is even more desirable, "Korte turns.

Always in touch

We also kept in touch during our studies and our work in Hanover. Julia learned with my books of anatomy. We have never lost sight of it and now we are happy about our dream colleague. We want to strengthen our team of seven assistants with a full-time employee, "say Rustmeier and Kastl.

A commentary by Elke Bösch

Growth of the health center: The decision of a young doctor to strengthen the team in a group practice is an important indication of the importance and correctness of the decision taken for a health center. "That's exactly what we wanted to bring young doctors to Rahden," Dieter Drunagel told the administration about this good news. It is not foreseeable that enough doctors will be trained to supply the countryside. More and more practices are closed for reasons of age and there is – and this is also evident in Rahden – little chance of finding a successor to a "single practice". Since the development of policy and administration, the future is based on common practices.