Healthcare in Lower Austria: Bruck District Promotes Health to 16 Healthy Communities

DISTRICT (red). Out of a total of 416 "healthy communities" of the "Tut gut!" Initiative, over 70% of the blue-yellow municipalities are already "in good health". The District of Bruck, which currently has 16 "healthy communities", wants to put more emphasis on health promotion and prevention offerings.
"Health is our greatest asset, protecting and promoting it is a great challenge, the" healthy community "starts here and helps the Lower Austrians live healthier lives, and precisely where they live and live" ", said state governor Martin Eichtinger, adding," Health promotion and prevention must be brought directly to the people's door, in order to strengthen one's own responsibility for health. The concepts of health in communities are perfectly adapted to the needs and wishes of the population. The focus is on nutrition, exercise, mental health and preparation. "
"Many residents of the community participate in the working groups of our 16 healthy communities, with the goal of improving the health of their communities, and by supporting the Tuts well initiative, we educate our citizens. I am proud that our program already has 16 municipalities in the Bruck District, "said son-in-law Gerhard Schödinger, convinced of measures to promote health and health care.
How to become a "healthy community"?
A positive municipal council resolution and a recommended framework budget of € 0.40 to € 1.00 per inhabitant per year remaining in the community are needed to start with the Healthy Community program. After the commitment of the initiative "Tuts well!", An open working group is created in the community. Anyone living in a "healthy community" who is interested in health issues can contribute to this and contribute personally.
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