Transport ghosts political drivers in the car fetish race: back wind for A52 expansion? Nonsense! The wind is blowing …

Listen, hear what Mr Uwe Kutzner (CDU) has said: "The current state of affairs is a torment to the inhabitants of Altenessen, which so far is on the Gladbecker road from the exhaust gases, caused only by permanent traffic jams, is unbearable. " Congratulations, he put his finger on the head.
The fact that Mr. Kutzner proposes the improbable commissioning of a highway in 2045 as a solution to this "unbearable torment" is in turn a blow to the stomach of the victims.

contrary wind

"If we continue to struggle against the struggles of yesterday for the solutions of yesterday, we will succeed nothing, neither for this city nor for the region."say it Urbanist Reinhard SchmidtHe considers that it is extremely careless to want to respond to the problems of 21st century transport policy with twentieth century responses. He knows that neither Mr. Kutzner nor he will ever drive the road.

cost facts

In addition, Schmidt refers to the cost: "In Berlin, the economy is recalled (six kilometers A52 are extremely expensive with a billion euros in construction costs), the federal plan for transport infrastructure is until 2030 (the A52 is not an urgent need) and a Lex A52 does not give it.
Just take note of the facts: no one pays an A52 in the tunnel. According to WAZ Duisburg, Mr Wüst refuses the necessary tunnels urgently for cost reasons – too expensive! Why should he offer more to Essen for years after 2030 and commissioning in 2045? "


If you are interested in timely solutions, you must remove blinders and not extend the status quo for all eternity. Therefore, attempting an environmental trail on Gladbecker Road would be the right way now. If the chaos breaks out, you can resume it.

There is no need to reinvent everything, many European cities have a lot to offer, including environmental footprints, which are already a success.