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Take a breath in the mountain hiking park – MOZ.de

Bad Freienwalde (MOZ)
Given the climbs in and around Bad Freienwalde, which can be surprisingly steep and long for Brandenburg, breathing is of particular importance. The main trail of the Märkischen mountain hiking park is a twelve-kilometer trail running along the Oderlandweg between Falkenberg and Altranft, passing through Bad Freienwalde. It also touches the trail of the tower, which has already been mentioned in this series. Anyone who runs the pathways from one station to another must still calculate about six more kilometers. The lowest point is just under six meters above sea level, the highest at just over 120 meters. Watchtowers located on the runway are not included.

All those who have already started to notice quickly: the Bad Freienwalde region is a beautiful hiking region! This is also evident in the city's spa park, which is also part of the mountain hiking park. From here begin several shorter and longer tracks. At Gesundbrunnen, everyone can cool off and fill their bottles with fresh spring water. Next door, a Kneipp foot invites you to a stork ride. This is also recommended because the end point of the "breathe" health path must now be the object of special attention.

The starting point is a few steps away and should not be missed considering the cutting devices installed there. Of course, they can be tried before or after the tour. Explanations on the individual exercises are available directly on the devices. There are also half a dozen stones that have been transported to the area by the glaciers of the Saale glaciation. What you need to know is explained on the information boards.

Others are specially designed for the Märkisches mountain hiking park and address various topics, especially at the beginning of the "inspire yourself" fitness trail, for example Kurfürstenquelle, Moor and Kneipp. The next is dedicated to the Reversing Bank and the honorary citizen of Bad Freienwalder, Hans Keilson (1909-2011), physician, psychoanalyst and writer. The son of a Jewish textile merchant was born in the city. In 1936 he emigrated to the Netherlands.

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Until then, the path indicated by a foliage leaf on a white background and directional arrows is always flat. In point two, this is called "inhale" and the path goes up now. For those who have Polish friends, the path to health is particularly recommended – explanations and quotes from Fontane are also available in the language of the neighboring country. If the air becomes scarce, it can be exhaled calmly at point three and bathed in light. After a little over two kilometers, at point four, begins the path of silence. The fifth point on the path to health is called "come in, the stone purrs". About 300 meters away, a sound game interrupts the silence if one of the two leaves advances. At point six, more than half of the health path has been taken and the silence must be broken at full volume.

Through the door of knowledge – two powerful oaks and point seven – we continue towards Köhlerei, in which from Wednesday to Sunday between 10:30 and 17:30 can be rotated. Incidentally, there is also a large playground. In point eight, a breathing meditation for the spine is proposed, at point nine, an oversized photo frame for one or more photos and at the well's chapel (point ten), a particular insight. From there, there is almost four hundred meters of descent to the starting point. Point eleven refers to the already mentioned Kneipp route. Hikers should devote a good two hours to the health trail of about 7.5 km.