Splish, splash, I took a bath takin … Hydro boost for super sensitive skin

Give your skin an extra dose of moisture with the very sensitive Gold Juka® SEA CULTURE Power Serum! Intensive serum acts as a real hydro-boost for thirsty summer skin.

The anti-aging secret? Highly concentrated hyaluronic acid and the precious marine stem cells of Crithmum, combined with the power of the sea and high-tech peptides with telomere protection, improve skin hydration up to 60%. 65% and wrinkle reduction up to 43% in just four weeks *.

The versatile 3 in 1 works under the care of the day like Intensifier Aufpolsterder, with a selective treatment like tensor concentrate or a thirst-quencher like only moisturizer.

And as the sun, chlorine and seawater already tire the skin, we have no more irritants. Here is the Gold Juka® SEA CULTURE Power Serum, as it was called, because it nourishes the skin completely devoid of perfumes and dyes, without parabens and without emulsifiers, and without silicone and mineral oils. Thanks to its soft composition, it is also suitable for vegans and very sensitive skin.

Gold Juka® is available from the pharmaceutical wholesaler or free shipping directly from the manufacturer. Free samples are available at any time at 07253-802 109 0.

30 ml, Selling price 75 EUR – On sale at the pharmacy or on www.juka-cosmetic.de

* proven by studies