? Pimples I have acne on the back and it really helped me

Acne on the back can have many causes: inappropriate diet, skin reactions to toiletries or detergents, hormonal disorders: the annoying pimples affect more women than we think. Almost everyone had to fight acne at least once in their life. Basically, it is a disorder of the cornification of the skin and an overproduction of sebum. And also the bacteria only grow in the area (for some reason). I stopped the pill a few months ago and since then I have acne on my back. But the condition of my skin is constantly improving. The bad news: without effort, it would not have worked. But the results speak for themselves! That helped me:

1. back acne? Find the cause

Before knowing the cause of the problem, you can only work on the symptoms. The skin will improve but will never be completely free of impurities. Who – as in my case – has received a pimple after stopping the pill, can maintain the symptoms and should otherwise be patient. Over time, the hormonal balance stabilizes again. However, your lifestyle also ensures the balance of hormones: plenty to drink, good nutrition, a regular bedtime, sufficient exercise and the least amount of stress possible. It seems easier than it really is, right?

2. No sugar! I repeat: no sugar!

The best cure for the return of acne is, in my opinion, a healthy diet. Above all: avoid sugar! And I'm not talking about a spoonful of honey in your morning porridge. The big culprits are sweets, ice creams, pastries, pudding, etc. I've been punished with three buttons for each piece of chocolate. You learn to restrain yourself, believe me!

3. Inhibits bacterial growth!

If you go to the dermatologist or the dermatologist, you will probably be prescribed different creams. And one or the other can have a very good effect. But to control my acne on the back, two things helped me:

  • 1. Wash in the morning and evening with a cleansing gel for the face or at least with a cotton and a tonic. Never with shower gel!
  • 2. Localized treatment – that is, the treatment of individual pimples with tea tree oil or Mario Badescu's zinc paste. We even devoted his own article – you read it here.

4. Invest in a professional treatment

Yes, it is of course a question of money, but I can tell you from my own experience: A cosmetic treatment for the back of acne is profitable in all cases. I have a beautician recommended by my dermatologist. The treatment costs 90 euros per session, with private health insurance providing certain treatments depending on the rate. After an enzymatic peel, the back is steamed and purified. A real gamechanger, I think.

5. Cornification? Enzyme scrubs and healing masks are THE solution

With acne, it is often advisable to exfoliate properly. But those who struggle with the proper knots and pustules know that the small granules that come off only make things worse. Personally, I used an enzyme peel or a care mask about once a week. However, when the skin was not completely irritated, it was different depending on the phase of the cycle. The dead skin cells were removed and the skin could regenerate. Products I've used: The Body Shop Enzymatic Peel "Youth Drops" and the Cattier Healing Mask (available on Amazon or Müller).

6. Supplements: turmeric and zinc

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and is also beneficial for the intestines. Since I rarely use turmeric in food, I have resorted to curcumin capsules. The effect was noticeable after 2 to 3 weeks. I am often very sloppy when it comes to taking supplements. But I never forget the curcumin capsules! But ginger should not be underestimated as Wunderknolle. Water with ginger or ginger tea are real detox miracles. Your skin will thank you! Zinc is also a real miracle drug for skin and hair. Under-supply causes various skin conditions. Therefore, you can ask a doctor or doctor to check what your nutritional intake looks like.

7. Change towels, pajamas and sheets

To minimize bacterial growth, change towels, pajamas, and bedding more often than necessary. It is better to wash at 60 degrees! You'll never believe it until you've tested it yourself, what difference these seemingly "small changes" make.

8. On the way to the sea! But please with a suitable sunscreen

Seawater is of course the absolute vector of acne! After the holidays, it is certain that the acne on the back will be gone for the moment. However, you must do without sun creams and traditional oils and use medical products. If necessary, use a fat-free sunscreen, which is actually intended for the face. Alternatively, you can simply ask the pharmacy for a special sunscreen against acne.