New failure for Alzheimer's: Novartis and Amgen abandon their research project

Another major setback in Alzheimer's research. This time he has met a joint research project (the BACE1 CNP520 inhibitor) with the Swiss Amgen and the Alzheimer's Institute banner. Studies on an active ingredient against the disease have been discontinued, the Swiss pharmaceutical company announced Thursday evening.

Novartis, Amgen and the Institute have conducted Phase 2 and 3 studies on the BACE1 inhibitor, CNP520. The intermediate results of the studies showed that some of the subjects' cognitive abilities deteriorated during treatment. This leads to the conclusion that the potential benefits to patients do not outweigh the risks.

John Tsai, Head of Global Drug Development and Chief Medical Officer at Novartis, commented, "Novartis is highly research-driven and committed to patients, and as a researcher we have to accept today's disappointing news. As we seek new and innovative therapies, we remain committed to advancing the science of Alzheimer's disease and continue to seek solutions for people with neurodegenerative diseases. "

Alzheimer's disease is a complex disease and one of the biggest challenges of medicine. Only a few months ago, Biogen and Japanese research partner Eisai failed in a promising late-stage Alzheimer's research project. The aducanumab was considered one of the greatest bearers of hope in the field. Biogen's share collapsed at that time.

Novartis investors do not have to fear such a price collapse. The importance of the project for the company is significantly lower than that of Biogen. As a result, Novartis shares will only react marginally this Friday. Novartis has an extremely strong portfolio of exciting research projects. In terms of innovation, the Swiss play a leading role compared to the majority of pharmaceutical companies. Investors continue to invest in Novartis.

Due to a dispute over a new partnership agreement between the EU and Switzerland, many Swiss equities, including Novartis, are currently not traded on German trading venues in Frankfurt, etc. However, exchanges via Lang & Schwarz and the exchange of homes in Switzerland are still possible. The SHAREHOLDER recommends making profits.

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