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Minister waiting for citizens' questions

Group Discussion in Nienburg on Medical Care / Now describe the problems

Carola Reimann. Photo: DPA

Carola Reimann. Photo: DPA

Carola Reimann.

At the Second Health Conference of the Diepholz / Nienburg Health Region, the Minister of Health of Lower Saxony Carola Reimann participated. The conference will take place on Wednesday, September 25th. All interested persons are welcome from 15 hours in vocational schools in Nienburg.

The subject is "medical care in the country". The problem of lack of doctors, especially among family physicians, is cited. Especially in small towns, the lack of succession of practices is always a discussion. A discussion on the podium will focus on the future, especially on solutions for medical care.

The Minister of Health will bring the country's activities against the lack of doctors in rural areas in the discussion. The interests of the medical profession Mark Barjenbruch as chairman of the Kassenärztlichen Vereinigung Niedersachsen (KVN) was represented. With Constanze Czimmeck, the Federal Coordinator of Health Policy is sitting on the scene of the Federal Representation of Medical Students in Germany (bvmd). She presented the wishes of potential successors of the practice and answered the question of which of the projects was to address the shortage of doctors in medical students today. District Administrator Detlev Kohlmeier outlined the possibilities and limitations of municipalities for securing health care in the villages. Lea Oesterle hosted by the Landesvereinigung für Gesundheit and Akademie für Sozialmedizin Niedersachsen.

All guests can ask a question to the guests on the podium or the entire podium before the event. This can be entered on the home page of the health region. After the discussion, you will have time to present the results and the status of the discussions of the health region's working groups. This includes the application of first aid alarm. The Diepholz / Nienburg Health Region has now received a positive grant for its creation.

Information, a registration form and the possibility to address a question to the podium are available on The districts of Diepholz and Nienburg have become a health region. The goal is to improve local health care needs. To this end, the health sector actors worked together and exchanged their points of view. The supreme decision-making body is the steering group, in which, in addition to districts and communes, clinics, doctors, nursing societies and health insurance funds are represented. The "Health and Care" and "Prevention and Promotion of Health" working groups began at the end of 2018. Here, health topics are discussed with the aim of developing projects.

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