"Henrietta's journey in space": For children to grow up healthy: AOK-Kindertheater has been produced in Dortmund

During her 13th national theater tour, Henrietta stopped in Dortmund on June 3rd. About 700 elementary school children attended AOK's children's play "The Journey Into Henrietta's Space" at the West Leisure Center (FZW). In the world of Henrietta and Quassel, they have learned just how fun it can be to be in good health.

"We are delighted by the positive response and interest of local schools for our prevention program," said Hermann-Josef Lemke-Bochem, Prevention Manager at AOK.

Healthy lifestyle of children

During their journey in space, Henrietta and her friend Quassel meet very different communities. Even if they are different, Henrietta recognizes one thing: they all have rituals and structures without which a healthy family life does not work. The latest KiGGS study on child and adolescent health demonstrates the importance of a healthy lifestyle for children and adolescents. Not even one-third of boys aged 3 to 17 play sports for one hour a day, as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), let alone girls. About 17% of girls and 22% of boys drink non-alcoholic beverages at least once a day.

Learn health by playing

With its prevention program "Henrietta & Co. – learning how to play health", the AOK wants to strengthen the physical health as well as mental health of children in primary schools. As a result, the areas of nutrition prevention, exercise and mental health are at the center of the play.

Since 2007, "Henrietta" has been part of the AOK prevention program for elementary and pre-primary schools as part of the Healthy Kids – A Healthy Future initiative. "We make an important contribution to the promotion of children's health, and interested teachers receive free didactic games and educational material from us for further education," said Lemke-Bochem.

1.6 million viewers saw Henrietta

Since 2007, Henrietta's concerts have attracted more than 1.6 million viewers in Germany. This year, there is a total of 77 invited performances with 180 performances.

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