Health: doctors prescribe applications - Digital Life 2

Health: doctors prescribe applications – Digital Life

Health must become digital: that's why doctors can not only prescribe drugs, but also applications. Video Sprechstunden should also replace the visit to the doctor.

Applications can be practical in many ways, and it seems that the health sector has now recognized it. A new bill now promotes digitization in German practices. Part of the digital coverage includes video consultation, but also the prescription of health apps. of Applications prescribed by the doctor will be paid in the future by health insurance.

Doctors prescribe applications on the drug leaflet

What seems odd at first glance is due to the bill of the federal Minister of Health, Jens Spahn. The whole health system should now become digital. The measures do not only include health applications. Vaccines and maternal passports also need to be digitized.

In addition, it will be possible in the future to obtain regular digitized prescriptions. Some health applications, which must serve as a diary for diabetics, for example, are then taken up by health insurance, so time.

Who does not join earns less money

Everyone should be involved in the changes and if not, he threatens to cut costs by 2.5%. By March 2020, practices will have the time to retool numerically. For pharmacies, the deadline is September 2020 and hospitals will have until January 2021.

By the way, you can also keep track of your health with Google Calendar. We will explain how it works. The digitization of the health sector remains controversial for many. For change is not only about progress but also about obstacles.


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