Even Novartis stops Alzheimer's study | The health of the company

Another drug that should have prevented or at least retarded cognitive decline in patients with Alzheimer's disease has not met expectations. Novartis (NOVN 87.14 -2.63%) shared Amgen with its development partners (AMGN 174.49 -1.97%) and the Alzheimer's Institute banner Friday announced that the two phase II / III studies on the BACE CNP520 inhibitor would be aborted.

The drug, which is directed against deposits of amyloid peptides in the brain, could not prevent the worsening of the patient's condition. CNP520 is only the last failure of a long series. According to the industry magazine "Stat +", about 300 product candidates have failed so far. There is still no effective medicine for this form of dementia. In the United States, one in ten people over the age of 65 suffers.

In January, Roche (ROG 262.7 -2.97%) also canceled two phase III studies; Biogen retired in March (BIIB 231.2 -0.17%) and his partner Eisai tear rope in two studies to their hopes. The Biogen stock price has gone from about $ 320 to $ 217. The shares of the Lausanne-based Immune development partner, Immune, had lost more than half of their value following the announcement of the setback on Nasdaq. In comparison, Novartis newspapers reacted with a loss of half a percent Friday morning, almost light.

The huge development risk has already led many pharmaceutical companies to withdraw from Alzheimer's research, especially Pfizer (PFE 42.09 -2.07%)Many have not yet lost hope. A breakthrough would likely create a drug with a multi-billion dollar business figure. According to a study, clinical trials of 132 drugs started in the United States earlier this year. Novartis has one more, Roche tests all three.

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