Behind the cockatoos mask is this celebrity 2

Behind the cockatoos mask is this celebrity

Third candidate revealed

The secret is revealed! On Thursday, another star on the show "The Masked Singer" from ProSieben was to reveal who wore one of the colorful costumes. After the remaining eight mystery celebrities played their songs, it was clear that the cockatoo had to take off his mask. The final unveiling provided for a partially incredulous Rateteam and many surprised spectators.

Nobody sang better than the astronaut

The eight candidates had to face a duel first. After their deposits, it was clear that the grasshopper, the kudu, the monster and the astronaut, who had created the highlight of the evening with his version of "Tears in Heaven", were definitely at a turn of the room.

The angel, the panther, the cockatoos and the squirrel, however, had to tremble. The moderator Matthias Opdenhövel (48 years old) announced that the spectators had decided to have enough cockatoo. No luck for the actor Heinz Hoenig (67 years old) because he had to reveal that he was in costume.

Big surprise for (almost) everyone

The advice of Ruth Moschner (43), Collien Ulmen-Fernandes (37), Max Giesinger (30) and celebrity guest Faisal Kawusi (27) were quite wrong with her previous advice, with one exception – they did not help. Kawusi was initially disguised as Sherlock Holmes. They had supposed that behind the mask of cockatoos, among others, the legendary artist Jürgen von der Lippe (71 years), the head of the television Kolja Kleeberg (55 years), the judge Alexander Hold (57 years) or even the presenter Harry Wijnvoord (70 years old) could hide. Only Ruth Moschner was absolutely right, because she had actually tapped Hoenig.

In previous episodes of the series, singer Lucy Diakovska (43, Octopus) and former GZSZ star Susan Sideropulos (38, butterfly) have already been discovered. But what celebrities are still there?

The most thrilling and strange tricks: Ruth Moschner thinks that behind the grasshopper comic Mirco Nontschew (49 years old) could hide and that Kudu considers him for the presenter Joko Winterscheidt (40 years old). Meanwhile, Susi Kentikian (31) is behind the monster and, in the angel costume, she would like to see the young politician Philipp Amthor (26 years old), according to boxer Ulmen-Fernandes. For the astronauts, the troupe includes singers Adel Tawil (40), Xavier Naidoo (47) and James Arthur (31).