Ultrasound is more than a medical imaging process

11.07.2019 11:14

Dreiländertreffen in Leipzig: Ultrasound is more than an imaging procedure for doctors

Interdisciplinary expert meeting of the three German companies of ultrasound in Leipzig

Despite a fire in May, the Ultrasound Congress of the German, Austrian and Swiss Society of Ultrasounds in Medicine (DEGUM, ÖGUM and SGUM) from 16 to 19 October 2019 can take place as planned. The organizers were able to relocate the meeting of the three countries to Leipzig in a short time.

For four days, experts discussed avant-garde and future-oriented techniques, as well as scientific results: new and proven applications of contrast-enhanced sonography, the importance of high-end ultrasound devices resolution that enables precise surgery, new device developments and methods that can destroy tumors with extreme precision, and much more. On October 17, 2019, the congress press conference will take place at the Leipzig Congress Center.

This has not been the case in the 43-year history of the tripartite meeting. Five months before the start of the meeting of the German, Austrian and Swiss companies for ultrasound in medicine (DEGUM, ÖGUM and SGUM), the organizers suddenly arrived without place. The Rheingoldhalle in Mainz, the congress site planned for this year, was so badly damaged by a fire that the congress had to be canceled. "We were very fortunate that the Leipzig congress center is providing such an address in record time," said the congress president, professor dr. med. Markus Hahn and dr. med. Hans-Peter Weskott relieved. Here, you can perform the congress in the usual quality without compromising the program and the offer.

Ultrasound has become a focal point in all disciplines and has evolved over the last decade to become the largest and most diverse imaging technique. In day-to-day use and in recording centers, advanced hand-held ultrasound machines are playing an increasingly important role. "Ultrasound goes beyond the meaning of the good old stethoscope," says Professor Hahn. The different sonographic techniques allow to display the complete anatomy in high resolution. Physiological and physiopathological processes can also be visualized.

Ultrasound has been used for a long time, not only for diagnostic purposes, but it is becoming increasingly important in therapy, as well as in therapeutic decisions and monitoring, says Dr. med. Weskott refers to the so-called contrast sonography. "Functional studies of blood flow with contrast agents are now possible with all organs accessible by ultrasound," says specialist in internal medicine and expert DEGUM. Ultrasonic contrast agents consist of a solution composed of microscopic microbubbles filled with gas, which exhale almost completely through the lungs in minutes and which, unlike other contrast agents (such as X-ray contrast agents) , do not cause any side effects on the thyroid or kidneys.

Ultrasound has now arrived in operational subjects. "Today, it is obvious that we have to undergo ultrasound in the operating room," says Professor Hahn, head of experimental senology at the University Hospital Tübingen. The ultrasonic assisted operation allows to see the non-visible regions with magnifying glasses. "For example, carcinoma surgery can be performed much more accurately." And even the scalpel could replace ultrasound waves – such as High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), where a focused beam of sound waves heated and destroyed tissue (such as a tumor) cut.

"It is important for us that at the meeting of the three countries not only the high-end drug is enrolled in the program, but that every family doctor, every general practitioner and every new job starter has the opportunity to do so. inform and update, "says Professor Hahn. In addition, specialized companies are turning to Congress, especially to young medical talent. In addition to a special introduction to the teaching of ultrasound and its training, DEGUM will again offer a seminar for student users including theoretical and practical parts. "Already in the study, aspiring doctors should become familiar with ultrasound procedures.We offer you this opportunity with our extensive program," says Dr. med. Weskott. DEGUM is also developing its own curriculum for students.

The congress offers participants refresher courses and seminars for users. In scientific sessions and scientific posters, they discuss topics related to basic research and applied ultrasound technology. As part of the practice-oriented continuing education, doctors are learning and practicing diagnostic techniques with state-of-the-art equipment in hands-on workshops at a state-of-the-art ultrasound training center. . The program is accompanied by an industry fair of pharmaceutical and medical technology companies and specialized publishers. The meeting of the three DEGUM, ÖGUM and SGUM countries takes place at the Leipzig Congress Center (CCL).

More information on the 43rd Dreiländertreffen of DEGUM, ÖGUM, SGUM is available at the following address: http://www.ultraschall2019.de

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