Rural women cuddle themselves clean Free press 2

Rural women cuddle themselves clean Free press

Irfersgrün / Lengenfeld.

The competition "harvest of crowns and harvesting cranes" presented for many years by the "Freie Presse" is the highlight of this year, to which the rural women of Irfersgrüner will visit at the latest from the mid -June. If, in September, the showroom is decorated with crowns and crowns artfully connected, the time has come to prepare it. Little by little, the different cereals ripen in the fields. Winter barley always starts in the second half of June. To obtain shades of color with the different cereals, the women cut some stems in the green and others in the ripe and yellow state.

Recently, some women met to cut green wheat on a field near Lengenfeld. There will be several thousand small frets at the end, which will be strung to hang on poles to dry. All the typical cereals of the region, including rye, barley and spelled, are used. "We like to take green wheat when we work with children," said Cornelia Hackel, vice president of the association. Plants from their own gardens also use rural women to attach them. Sabine Junghänel has been growing flax for years. The garden flowers, which are suitable for drying, enrich the latest works of art.

Rural women do not yet have a concrete design plan, but ideas. "I've already thought about it a bit, but the way we define our two crowns and three crowns is a collaborative decision," said President Ines Teubert. While rural women tend to bond spontaneously and many design ideas emerge from work, each competitor has their own approach. "I also know women's notebooks, which previously produced a very precise drawing," reports Cornelia Hackel.

In heat, you have to be in a hurry. "Everything is ripe, we must hurry," said Cornelia Hackel. Between June and September, events turn around. "We were represented every day at the Small Garden Show in Reichenbach with two women in Schaubinden," said the second president. In addition, rural women organize the village meeting and help small animal breeders during the summer festival.

Landscapers are also in demand as designers of popular programs at the Frankenberg Landesgartenschau, reports Ines Teubert. Without a smartphone and social networks, communication would be almost impossible. "Our oldest member is over 80. She also uses networking in the group, just like we, the juniors," said the president. In a few weeks, when the binder has dried, the treatment begins.

Although all the attention is currently on the current dates, rural women are already turning towards 2020. "The harvest festival will take place in Oelsnitz next year, which means that we, rural women Irfergrun, are organizing the state competition and our own course in Vogtland, "said Cornelia Hackel. For the farmer, this means: "I already speak on the phone and I ask who else can help." Even though we are a hard core of 25 women with 36 members, I guess two more events will need more assistants than usual. ".

Anyone who is interested can participate in the contest. Rural women are also happy with men. Registration is possible until August 1st. Any woman who has not yet experienced in the field of leagues or who needs help is also right with women in rural areas.

Contact: For Ines Teubert (tel 0174 7674446) and Cornelia Hackel (tel 0160 96054634), the binding dates of rural women can be requested.