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When you look at your ears, which you rarely do, you notice how individual they are. Some people are even as dissatisfied with the look as they would like to change. They have this opportunity now. In fact, there is a procedure that can squeeze the ears: Hyaluron miller for the ear lobes.

Hyaluron, anti-aging shooting star


Have you ever tried a product with Hyaluron?

Usually, Hyaluron fillers are mainly applied to the lips. The skin strengthening treatment is particularly appreciated by dermatologists. Hyaluronic acid is chased into the skin with the help of fine needles. The fillers for the lips are injections for lips more plumper.

Hyaluron is on everyone's lips when it comes to topics such as skin care, anti-aging and beauty care. Everywhere the substance is contained. You can make a cream, take special capsules or receive the substance injected under the skin. It should make aging skin tense and wrinkle free.

Pralle ears up to 500 euros

Hyaluron-based fillers are currently the most popular product for wrinkle control. A treatment similar to that used for the lips is now offered in the range of many dermatologists for the ear lobes. It takes about ten to twenty minutes and costs around 500 euros. The promise of a curious treatment: the sagging ear lobes should be bulging again and the wrinkles of the ear removed. As it is a sensitive area, a local anesthetic of the ear or anesthetic cream is also offered. In the end, the earlobe is massaged to evenly distribute the load. Then the ear is cooled. It can occur after the procedure and cause swelling, which can take up to a week before breaking down.

Even the earlobes grow old,

Our ears are usually excluded from the routine of care. For example, they can wear it regularly by wearing heavy earrings. Hyaluron's charges pump the ears. Thus, they recover their lost volume. "Ear fillings are now very popular, the treatment is quick and easy, and the slippery and wrinkled ear lobes appear plump and tightened in seconds," says Dr. Anna Brandenburg, a specialist in dermatology from Hamburg to Harpers Bazaar.

Tips for young ears

Wear heavy earrings only on special occasions. Remove ear curls and caps before going to bed. Integrate your ears into daily care. Sun protection is particularly important for the ears.

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