Lose weight: it works without sport 2

Lose weight: it works without sport

The good news in advance: Losing weight without doing sports actually works. It just takes a little longer and is more laborious. But who turns on a few small screws in everyday life, can save the classic workout session. These three tips help:

  • Cycling: Especially in the summer, it is advisable to go to work by bike rather than by car. It's fun, protects the environment and burns fat from morning to morning!
  • Eat protein: Of course, the diet is the number one screw. Our muscles love protein – and that keeps you full for a long time. That's why I like to use more often dairy products and lean meat!
  • Take stairs: Those who are often seated in everyday life should especially climb the stairs to see a little super effective workout between the two. From now on, the elevator will be vaulted!

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+++ Weight Loss: These weight loss tips really help +++

Of course, nothing will be done on the scale without your own efforts. but Often, it is enough to change small habits of daily life, to see the first successes in weight loss. Some examples?

  • Enough sleep: Several studies have shown that when you sleep too little, your body releases more hormones stimulating appetite, ghrelin and orexin. So, make sure you get enough sleep!
  • sinner: It sounds weird, but: do not ban each snack. This only makes dissatisfied and ensures cravings. In moderation, chocolate is fine!
  • Start the metabolism: Spices like chili and ginger actually stimulate fat metabolism! So spice up your hot foods and put them in ginger tea – preferably fresh tubers.

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+++ Slimming: Thin by Scrambled Eggs +++

How best to start the day if we want to lose weight? This question was asked by American researchers several years ago. For this study, they divided 160 people into two groups, each receiving a different breakfast: group A received cream cheese and yogurt bagels, group B scrambled eggs with toast and spreads with fruits reduced in calories. After eight weeks, group B scrambled eggs lost 65% more than group A. Reason enough to develop a complete diet for scrambled fat loss recall eggs! And it's very simple: every morning, scrambled eggs are on the menu, for example with vegetables such as tomatoes or peppers. A slice of healthy wholemeal bread is allowed. The best: The other two meals you can choose freely. But: it should be clear that pizza, hamburgers and company rather torpedo the takeaway. So put better healthy foods like lean chicken, vegetables and fiber, for example. B. whole grains.