Lemon cosmetics nourish the skin and enhance the mood 2

Lemon cosmetics nourish the skin and enhance the mood


Fruit extracts are used in cosmetics because of their acidity and vitamin C.

() Sour looks good: The lemon looks good and is well, says Johanna Wunderlich-Cuomo, beautician and nutritionist. In terms of beauty, the fruit has a lot to offer. Citric acid and essential oils are present in many skin care products.

Some models even swear with pure lemon. They wash their faces in the morning. Although the acid removes pores, dries out pimples and makes the complexion glow, Wunderlich-Cuomo advises women with sensitive skin to refrain from using this method. Those who are prone to oily and oily skin can benefit from lemon cosmetics. In addition to the clarifying effect, the natural fruit acid also has a disinfectant and anti-inflammatory effect. However, many preparations contained synthetic replicas. This also applies to vitamin C, which is abundant in lemon and is also called anti-aging vitamin.

Lemon extracts are also used against pigment spots, according to Johanna Wunderlich-Cuomo. However, she calls for caution. If, during the application, it will tingle a lot on the skin and will not disappear soon after creaming, the concentration of the active ingredient will be too high. "

Lemon cosmetics are also popular because of their refreshing scent, which gives an extra boost in the morning to start the day. Therefore, the essential oil of the fruit bark is also used in deodorants. Natural sweating will not be prevented. Lemon oil also spreads its relaxing effect in scent lamps as well as in massage oil. The recommended mixing ratio is three to five drops per 100 milliliters of almond oil.